• AMRI Hospital Group All Set to Spread to Myanmar’s Capital City Yangon
    6:40 PM

    AMRI Hospital Group, one of the top multi-specialty hospitals in Kolkata, is all set to open its branch in Yangon, Myanmar. India’s recent move to remove $80 visa charge for Myanmar nationals has broadened the horizon of healthcare tourism in the country. In its attempt to tap the emerging opportunity

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  • Important Aadhaar linking deadlines you should not miss
    11:20 AM

    Simple, yet a significant document, Aadhaar card has become mandatory for every documentation work. It has eased a multitude of things and become an indispensable part of our life. Considering the importance of Aadhaar card in every official matter, it becomes important to keep track of certain deadlines set by

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  • Core Muscle in orthopedic rehabilitation
    10:22 AM

    What is your Core? It is defined as the centre or “core” of your body. It is the “powerhouse” around which all limb movement is performed. It consists of 29 pairs of muscles as well as bony, ligamentus, and discs structures that support the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex in order to stabilise

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  • Computer-Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery
    12:01 PM

    According to Dr Maichand (Ashwani Maichand), When your knee doesn’t respond to medications and treatments, knee replacement surgery is the last option. The advancements in medical technology have led to precise and highly functional artificial knee implants that nearly duplicate the way the human knee moves—and are custom fit for your

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