• Top 5 Real Estate Trends to watch out in 2017!
    12:37 PM

    Today more and more realty space is being used for various purposes other than housing, such as professional gaming zones and hybrid residential spaces. A lot of new trends are accompanying such changes that will reshape the real estate sector. Experts from Arun Dev Builders LTD look into five such trends

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  • Impact of Union Budget 2017 on Real Estate
    6:01 PM

    Union Budget 2017 was well-received by the nation. As Finance Minister Arun Jaitley read the plans for the fiscal year 2017-2018, the public cheered for the proposed loan reforms and tax slab revisions. This budget is expected to redefine the Indian economy. Experts from Arun Dev Builders Ltd agree that

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  • All you need to know about publishing process by Vikas Gupta
    5:36 PM

    Everyone thinks the course of publishing a book only includes three steps. First, the book’s rough manuscript is drafted. Then after heavy editing, the printing manuscript is produced and finally the product is printed. Well, the reality is far more complex. As Vikas Gupta puts it, there are eight different

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  • Tips to Confidently Sit Through Entrance Exams
    12:12 PM

    Students today spend ton of efforts, time, and money on coaching classes every year to crack various entrance exams. The ratio is escalating with a simultaneous increase of pressure on students to score exceptionally well. Wiley India brings top ten tips that students can follow to confidently sit for an

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  • Role of TETRA Technology in facilitating the Indian market
    11:27 AM

    TETRA is an effective solution to the communication challenge that organisations and businesses face due to the lack of standardization of their mobile radio equipment. Over the past few years, TETRA system supports data communication for high-end users of private/professional mobile radio (PMR) or public access mobile radio (PAMR). It

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  • Why Air Pollution is Major Concerning Issue These Days ?
    3:09 PM

    Air pollution has become one of the major concerning issues these days. A number of studies have highlighted the adverse effects of air pollution on human health. It mainly occurs when any harmful gases, dust, smoke enters the atmosphere and hinders the atmosphere and the living beings.  The experienced medics

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  • Dr. Deepak Raheja: Cocaine-snorting killing youngsters
    11:53 AM

    Drug abuse is jeopardising India’s youth since decades now. The ‘white revolution’seems to be revving up with each passing day across the country, making it something to be greatly worried about.A South American drug, cocaine is a stimulant that introduces a person to a different kind of high, energy or

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