Jagmohan Garg delhi enumerates the importance of Skill development

In the era of advanced globalization and technological volatility, it becomes important to enhance your skill sets. Having a large pool of skilled workers is an indispensable part of a globalised economy. Jagmohan Garg Delhi, the leading real estate tycoon believes that the ability to execute plans successfully is directly determined by the skills possessed by an individual.

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Jagmohan Garg Delhi

India’s transition into a knowledge-based economy necessitates a new generation of adept and proficient workforce. In its attempt to become a global economic powerhouse and developed economy, the country needs to equip its workforce with advanced skills. A survey pointed out the fact that if India wants to become a manufacturing-hub, given its requirement for employment generation to use the demographic advantage; the country needs to lay emphasis on skill development. It happens to be an important factor which determines a country’s competitive edge and its capability to create, share, and use knowledge effectively.
Different fields require a set of different skills. Jagmohan Garg highlights that the development of skills leads to a significant increase in the opportunities for career development. Also, it enhances the scope for personal growth and helps in attaining expertise in the field. Various studies have highlighted that a number of people are not able to get suitable employment due to the lack of employable skills. Experience alone, in many cases does not suffice. Several jobs require formal training qualifications and certain skills.
Jagmohan Garg Delhi emphasizes that a flexible education system is a prerequisite for ensuring skill development.

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Skill Development

A knowledge economy entails skilled workers and technologists, who are competent, adaptable, rational and the torch bearers of innovation and growth. To achieve this, it is vital to ensure an easy access to education with equity and great emphasis on the quality. Focusing merely on the quantitative aspect of education without its quality, results in a complete wastage of time, effort and financial resources. According to Jagmohan Garg, the current education system needs to be in sync with the new global environment for fostering creativity and enhancing the quality of education at every level.

Keeping in mind the overpowering need for multi-skilled and competent workers in the changing world scenario with regard to industry and the job market, there arises a dire need to focus on skill development of students in order to create competent adults.

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  • Anup Verma

    Completely agree with all what Jagmohan sir has stated in this article. I think the focus on skill development can bring about a major positive change in the society.

  • Neha Diman

    Keeping in mind the importance of skills, the current education system should lay great emphasis on it. I’m sure it will help in making the students competent.