• Ramakant Devrukhkar – Cupping therapy for holistic well-being
    3:39 PM

    Cupping therapy is an alternative therapeutic treatment dating back to the ancient Chinese, Egyptian, and Middle Eastern cultures. This therapy involves the use of cups made of glass, bamboo, earthenware or silicone. Ramakant Devrukhkar has cured WWE wrestlers Raven, Rob Van Damme, Triple H and Kane in Mumbai – Chikittsa Wellness Thane, Source

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  • Holi sweets stock finished? Call Haldirams Nagpur ASAP!
    11:32 AM

    This Holi, Haldirams Nagpur is not only offering you the diversified range of snacks and sweets, which will make your Holi more happening but also telling you what ingredients and nutrients these products carry. So here goes Haldirams Nagpur: Gujiya: The crispy and fried sweet that incorporates coconut, mawa, dry fruits, refined

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  • Everything about Nutrition Farming by Ravin Jhunjhunwala
    4:14 PM

    Agriculture has always been India’s first profession since the independence and when people started moving to cities in search of new jobs, many remained back in the villages, acknowledging their sense of responsibility of catering the essential and basic needs of the individuals. In order to pay a tribute to

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  • Your organic protein diet with Ravin Jhunjhunwala
    4:45 PM

    Remember that balanced diet chart hanging on the classroom wall, differentiating carbohydrates from minerals, fat from protein and what not. That classroom science was boring to the students but its importance has increased during this time when stressed minds and bodies need a balance of health and taste to live

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  • Peroxide in beauty industry by Omar Alvarez from Mystic
    11:59 AM

    Omar Alvarez from Mystic talks about the use of peroxide in the beauty industry. He also elaborated about the concepts of direct application, Dyes with normal doses of ammonia and Enhancement of growth. Omar is a hair style expert from Mystic, a company by Thermo Group. Thermo Group C.A is

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  • The art of colorimetry revealed by Omar Alvarez from Mystic
    10:34 AM

    Omar Alvarez from Mystic Group shares his expertise in the art of colorimetry and its dos and don’ts. He is a hair style expert from Mystic, a company by Thermo Group. Thermo Group is founded and owned by Menahem Michel Edery. Colorimetry is the determination of the depth of color. It is the

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  • World Cancer Awareness Day spreads awareness at NIMS
    12:40 PM

    Cancer is a large family of deadly diseases leading to abnormal growth of cells with a threat to invade other body parts. It results in the formation of a tumor having unregulated growth of cells with diffused distribution. This fatal disease is widely spreading with the potential to claim several

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