• Why UPA called RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat a ‘Hindu Terrorist’?
    12:39 PM

    It is often said that terrorism has no religion. The theory of ‘Hindu terrorism’ that’s making rounds in the tabloids nowadays, thus, seems like a paradox. The shocking news of Mohan Bhagwat being declared a terrorist (a Hindu one, in this case) by the previous UPA (United Progressive Alliance) government

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  • Shiv Shena Wants Mohan Bhagwat To Be Next President Of India
    11:16 AM

    President Pranab Mukherjee’s term is coming to an end on July 24, 2017. This brings in rounds of speculations and debates as to who would take over the nation’s highest office next. According to sources, the NarendraModi government was scouting for a fresh face to fill in the position.  Bharatiya

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  • Naushad Shaikh view on ‘Concessional education loan for girls ’ policy
    11:37 AM

    The subject of education for girl child has become one of the major concerning issues in our society. Despite all the progress and advancement, girls are subjected to discrimination in accessing education. Dirnector, Naushad Shaikh, Creative Academy Pune firmly supports the ‘Concessional education loan for girls ’ policy by Maneka

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  • Naushad Shaikh has a different take on Smriti Irani’s comments
    2:42 PM

    People, who believe that it can be a good initiative if implemented well, like  Mr. Naushad Shaikh the Director of Creative Academy Pune, that, according to the Ministry of Human Resource Development students at Indian Institute of Technology shall be taught different aspects of science and technology that forms the part

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  • Earth Infrastructures Ltd, concerns towards Stamp Duty hike
    12:52 PM

    Rumours take a toll over the city every now and then and sometimes the Nation & some specific region, and spread like a forest fire in no time. Eventually, people start panicking about the future, keeping the rumours’ probability in mind. Something of this sort recently happened in real estate

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  • Conspiracy against Jignesh Shah and FTIL?
    6:32 PM

    Jignesh Shah led Financial Technologies India Limited(FTIL) had the distinction of perhaps the fastest growing financial infrastructure group with exchanges spread across multiple geographies.  It stood the scrutiny of stringent regulation of major international financial centers in which the group established exchanges. In a short time of less than a decade,

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