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  • Dr. Deepak Raheja: Cocaine-snorting killing youngsters
    11:53 AM

    Drug abuse is jeopardising India’s youth since decades now. The ‘white revolution’seems to be revving up with each passing day across the country, making it something to be greatly worried about.A South American drug, cocaine is a stimulant that introduces a person to a different kind of high, energy or

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  • The debarred 500-rupee notes found twirling in Sahara!
    6:04 PM

    Sahara: It wasn’t long ago that demonetization of Indian currency literally muddled the‘breaking news’ sections of our country’s prime news channels. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision of withdrawing the circulation of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 currency notes was indeed audacious and surprising.It seemed like a hard hit on corruption

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  • Kashmir Issue- Should India go to war with Pakistan?
    4:27 PM

    “The Kashmir issue cannot be solved as long as Pakistan is not properly cured”, said Acharya Giriraj Kishore, Senior VHP Vice-President. His words do make sense. So how do we ‘cure’ Pakistan? Going by the populist opinion, in every scenario, waging a war seems to be the last resort. Apparently,

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  • Messenger of God
    3:32 PM

    On the release of their fourteenth edition this year, Venezuelan Model United Nations (MOVENU) has decided to help the children of Vargas state overcome the drawbacks of the Sabana de la Costa. They have decided to take see things in a broader perspective and come forward to help the children

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  • Ravin Jhunjhunwala elucidates the concept of Organic Farming
    10:25 AM

    The concept of ‘Organic Framing’ has been followed in India from ancient time. It aims at cultivating the land in a way which keeps the soil in good health and leads to sustainable production and includes various effective farming practices. It focuses on the need of avoiding the use of

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  • Frankfinn Bags the Best Air Hostess Training Institute – 2016” Award
    6:26 PM

    New Delhi – Thursday 23rd June, 2016 Frankfinn receives the Award for “Best Air Hostess Training Institute – 2016” for the Sixth time in a row at the 9th ASSOCHAM International Conference cum Awards on Civil Aviation & Tourism organized by ASSOCHAM in support from Ministry of Civil Aviation, Govt.

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  • Hybrid Car Design by Indian students: Naushad Shaikh
    12:54 PM

    View of Naushad Shaikh, Creative Academy  On “ Hybrid Car Design by Indian students ” During an eminent Formula Hybrid car competition in New Hampshire, students of R V College of Engineering, Bangalore held second position in the design and project management categories for their prototype model. These young scholars

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