Computerized testing

  • Delivering flawless high stake exams not a challenge for Prometric
    11:28 AM

    The computerized tests challenge the traditional way of exams. Computer-based testing companies like Prometric believe that it can provide a far better system for conducting flawless exams, which is lacking in paper-based exams. The company’s claims ring a bell, because the real purpose of conducting any test is to ascertain

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  • Computer testing companies bringing in a ‘Seamless Secured System’ in place
    12:52 PM

    Over the years, we have witnessed numerous exams getting cancelled due to paper leaks or cheating chaos in examination halls. Companies like Prometric− who administer computer-based testing programs−help us in beating such challenges.  Computerized testing is not only convenient, but way more secure than paper-based exams. Computer-based testing programs come

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