Another big blow for Kapil Sharma! Air India ‘warns’ Kapil for his misconduct


Big blow to Kapil SharmaTough times and difficult ‘flights’ do not seem to end for TV comedian-turned-actor Kapil Sharma. Latest big blow for Kapil Sharma came after his face-off with fellow artist Sunil Grover has become a trending topic on social media. Surprisingly, Kapil Sharma’s yet another public brawl with everyone’s favorite Dr. Mashoor Gulati has earned him a strict ‘warning’ from Air India (AI) this time around.

Reportedly, the TV star created a ruckus on the Melbourne-Delhi flight (AI 309) on March 16.As per sources, a little too tipsy Kapil bombarded swear words at his troupe ─ Sunil Grover, Ali Asgar and Chandan Prabhakar─ while flying in the business class. Some even hinted about Kapil Sharma punching Sunil Grover, while others suggest that he hurled a shoe at the co-comedian. Kapil’s unruly in-flight behavior supposedly baffled the cabin crew and co-passengers alike. The crew’s intervention in the scuffle made the star feel sorry about the commotion, but not for too long!

“A while later, he again got up and started shouting at his team members. This time a pilot came out and sternly warned the passenger. This time the warning worked. Then the star flew to India, sleeping most of the time,” reports a passenger from the same flight.

The incident was followed by Minister of State for Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha’s disapproval of such boisterous conducts. He tweeted, “Unruly behaviour and violence on our aviation network are regrettable. Each such incident will be investigated and appropriate action taken.”

The not-so-pleasant in-flight Kapil Sharma-Sunil Grover fight has also agitated AI chief Ashwani Lohani, who has demanded an urgent report on the same. It is assumed that another big blow for Kapil Sharma is on his way once the exact nature of the chaos reckoned.

Quite obvious, the entire episode has made Indian carriers more heedful of such uncontrolled in-flight behaviors by passengers. The need of the hour is to take stern measures against those who go berserk up in the air, even including those who don a VVIP or celebrity tag!

Alongside, rumors about Sunil Grover, Ali Asgar and ChandanPrabhakar quitting The Kapil Sharma Show are flooding the tabloids. The co-actors are apparently way too hurt by Kapil’s violent act to even think about returning on the show. And this definitely would be a big blow for Kapil Sharma!

All we can say right now is that Kapil Sharma’s fight in Air India flight has certainly popped a legitimate question.Has the newly-found stardom really gone to Kapil Sharma’s head? At least the latest fallout points towards the same! So are we witnessing Kapil Sharma stardom or the beginning of his downfall?

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