• Urology Department to take care of your kidneys
    11:41 AM

    Studies and researches show that there has been a steep spike in the number of Kidney troubles that people come across. This could be attributed to a lot of factors; genetics, poor eating habits, unhealthy lifestyle and so forth. But the fact remains that kidney troubles are rather intricate to

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  • Gynecomastia is not a disease says doctors of Panacea Hospital
    11:12 AM

    Common disorder of the endocrine system is known as Gynecomastia, which makes male chest looks like woman’s breast. This disease affects almost half of the world population. Most of these cases start in puberty due the imbalance of sex hormones and other cases involves side effect of some medication, anabolic steroids,

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  • Plastic Surgery by Panacea Hospital- Redefine your looks
    4:01 PM

    First impression is the last impression that projects your image. Physical appearance is the most important prospective of one’s life. In today’s world you may be the best but if your looks and appearance is not normal you are not countable as a successful person be it professional, social or

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  • Panacea Hospital – Treatment for All Diseases
    4:10 PM

    Panacea Hospital has a well-established department of surgery which focuses on general surgery.  All trauma patients are evaluated by the surgical team. Panacea Hospital has all the equipment and expert doctors for most kinds of digestive diseases, it is a popular referral centre that conducts treatments and surgeries for all

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  • Gynecomastia is treated well at Panacea Hospital
    4:03 PM

    Gynecomastia is an embarrassing “thing” for people to talk about, forget about them undergoing its operation; especially when you are in India, where you go through everything after society passes it as per its morals and obligations. But compromising with your convenience and psychology just for the sake of being

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  • Panacea Hospital: An Expertise in Nephrology
    11:21 AM

    Panacea Hospital offers an all-inclusive range of diagnostic, therapeutic and management solutions for to nephrology. The hospital’s Urological Department is equipped with the most modern laboratory and diagnostic services like radiology, pathology and microbiology. This lends the doctors at the hospital an added edge which facilitates reconstructive urology and pediatric

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  • Panacea Hospital and the Pediatric Department caring for your kids
    5:13 PM

    From birth to adolescence, a child goes through various stages. The anatomy changes, body goes through evolution, motor skills develop, organs grow and all these factors determine a child’s future. If the developments in the initial stages are normal, the kid goes on to become a healthy adult. But a

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