• SKS Ispat Owner Happy with the Draft of National Steel Policy
    6:28 PM

    SKS Ispat owner, Anil Gupta, has expressed his happiness over the drafting of the National Steel Policy 2017. This framework will push the demand for steel in the market. By 2030, the need for steel will rise by 230 million tons. The National Steel Policy will be instrumental in propelling

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  • Searchline Database introduces Audio Library Project for book-lovers
    1:06 PM

    Leading data entry jobs provider Searchline Database Pvt Ltd recently launched its Audio Library Project. Aimed at providing book-lovers a different experience, this project is expected to be completed by the end of year 2020. To those who have never experienced listening to audio books, the concept may seem a

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  • Alok Bhartia: Chairman Voyage
    3:40 PM

    His designation compliments his adventures. Alok Bhartia, the chairman of a travel company called Voyage (it’s the French word) talks about the changing trends of the wayfaring world. As the owner of this escapade escalating organization, he comes across a lot of holiday destinations that do not receive the special

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  • Is it too late to learn English at the age of 28?
    6:09 PM

    English is a language that is used widely around the world. This is evident from the fact that around 1 billion people in the world use English as their first or a second language. In a country like India, where English is not just one of the official languages, but

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