• The Golden Namesake of Rajesh Exports: Rajesh Mehta
    6:29 PM

    Simple living, high thinking isn’t just a random quote to some individuals. There are many people who actually walk the talk rather than make stray references. We’re talking about Rajesh Mehta, the chairman of Rajesh Exports, who operates a multi-million gold export business from a modest office. His simple-mindedness compounded

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  • Parul University Inaugurates CABCIN Project
    6:07 PM

    Education is one of the most powerful tools which can bring about a major change in our society. A well educated person is an asset to his family, the society and the country. Parul University, one of the top ranked private universities in Gujarat believes that good quality education is

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  • Narco test of EVM
    12:57 PM

    The State Assembly Elections held between February and March this year is the latest talk of the town. With Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) pronouncing its strong hold over Uttar Pradesh with more than 320 seats, the world seems to have fallen apart for Samajwaadi Party (SP)

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  • Election 2017: Who will be the Chief Minister candidate of BJP in UP
    5:31 PM

    The Uttar Pradesh election 2017 is one of the biggest showdowns in the political history, which has the hopes of a number of people at stake. It keeps taking intriguing turns, with the counting of votes being in progress. Early trends suggest that Bharatiya Janata Party spearheaded by the Prime

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