• Sugary Future Implies Bitter India
    12:28 PM

    With the increase in the number of patients with diabetes in India, The country’s health is threatening to become a major source of concern. After the laws on tobacco and alcohol went strict, experts stipulated increased taxes on sugary drinks, which, on consumption lead to insulin resistance. A recent study

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  • Are Bollywood Controversies Just Marketing Gimmicks?
    4:56 PM

    It’s popularly believed about Bollywood that controversies that surround a film are for publicity, and such a movie makes better box office collections. The film industry is not just entertainment. In fact, it is like any other businesses prevailing in the world.  Marketing of a movie is not new in

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  • 7 ways to celebrate a Pollution free Diwali
    6:56 PM

    Dashera and Diwali are two main Hindu festivals celebrated in India. Dussehra is celebrated as the symbol of victory of good over evil and Diwali is the festival of lights, which also signifies the triumph of light over darkness. Both the festivals give us a common message of righteousness overpowering

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