3D printing playing a defining role in the field of orthopedics: Dr Ashwani Maichand

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Role of 3D printing in orthopedics

Although 3D printing was born in the 1980s, it became popular only recently. According to Dr Ashwani Maichand, 3D printing is a common term nowadays, in both surgical and non-surgical worlds. This technology has been defined as the third industrial revolution, considering the huge number of possibilities offered by it in various fields.

It has played an outstanding role in medical fields such as orthopedics, dentistry, and traumatology. It has had great success in providing medical image processing as it offers clear visibility of bone structures. One of the best orthopedists in Delhi, Dr Ashwani Maichand states that the segmentation process that allows the translation from medical images to the virtual model consists of extracting the specific structure in each layer of the image dataset. Once this process is completed, the final model is exported to a suitable format for 3D printing and prototyped.

In orthopedic or traumatology fields, it is possible to let the surgeon test in advance the procedure on a 3D printed model. However, medical images such as CT and MRI are normally used as essential support for pre-operative planning. 3D printed models are useful for transferring information to the surgeon in a more convenient way that allows detailed surgical planning. Dr Maichand believes that 3D printed models can even help to illustrate intervention procedures to novice surgeons and patients.

The main goal of a 3D-printed and PS model is to resemble the clinical case, in order to give a more detailed overview to the surgeon. 3D printing material also plays a central role, especially when the model can be used for the testing the procedure in advance.

Orthopedic surgery can face considerable challenges while dealing with extensive injuries caused by multiple bone fragmentation. The application of 3D printing in orthopedics is experiencing a rapid translation from bench to bedside. Dr Ashwani Maichand says that the value and future of 3D printing can only be revealed through a real world clinical translation.

Last modified: April 20, 2018

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