Looking for job opportunities after retirement? This list of companies is sure to help you!

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Retirement doesn’t always mean days of sitting idle, especially when people now have a chance to earn income that they can sock away each month. There are various opportunities available in the market for retirees who want to work, and earn extra, that to without compromising on the laid-back life that comes with retirement.
Companies are now on the lookout for hiring retirees for various work from home opportunities, as for the experience and expertise they bring along at work. Here are some of the leading companies that help seniors use their experience in a profit yielding job:

1. NotRetired.in

NotRetired.in is an exclusive platform providing job opportunities to seniors. For people looking to lend their services in different domains, the company helps the retirees find the perfect work from home job. It gets on board with a host of Multi-National Corporations (MNC), Small and Medium scale Enterprises (SMSE), Startups Non-Government Organizations (NGO) and Not for Profit organizations (NPOs) to help employ experienced workforce.

2. Connecting All India (CAI)

Saving the retirees from the 9 to 5 jobs hours, Connecting All India (CAI) provides remote/ work from home jobs for the seniors in areas pertaining to lead generation, database management, marketing, etc. The company is willing to avail themselves with the services of a retired professional having the required skill-set.

3. Talent58

This is a venture dedicated to providing jobs to people searching for work post their retirement. The company leverages its professional network to help bridge the gap between industry demand and skilled veteran supply. The platform provides coveted opportunities to senior professionals in various full-time/part-time projects, consultancy, and advisory roles.

4. AHAPrep

Tutoring a student is tough task, and it requires patience and experience to deal with children of different age groups. Retired teachers have prior educational background as well as expertise to help teach students various subjects, and AHAPrep provides just about that. It helps students find the right teacher online, and a chance for retirees to earn income.

5. Truelancer

Truelancer brings together various freelancers and employers across India to work together. It is driven by the view of helping senior/young professionals build/rebuild a career, and earn while them enjoying their old age.
Whether you want to explore something new or want to continue working to keep the source of income unremitting, career beings or ends by no age bar! With the help of these companies, seniors can have some of the best opportunities to work without compromising on their personal comfort.

Last modified: March 7, 2019

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