ACSG Corp. Tells You Why OSINT Techniques Are Crucial for Business Security

ACSG Corp. team believes that information is power. Knowing what the Internet says about your organization is important to have an upper hand in controlling the outcome. Many large scale organizations are yet to recognize the criticality of adopting OSINT or Open Source INTelligence – public information found in the media – that detects and prevents cyber security threats. Public sources like newspapers, TV, and the Internet deliver such information. Organizations can largely benefit from the strategy to detect and approach threats and tackle crisis situations before they occur. As per ACSG Corp, it is not just large scale businesses that benefit from OSINT, but also government agencies like the military.


Why Should You Care About OSINT?

The past few years saw a rapid increase in the value of user-generated content. Social media platforms especially played a major role in accelerating the process. A lot of companies went through difficult times under this transition. This particularly happened as the personal and professional lives of employees merged. In addition, the concept of BYOD came into the scene and created a perfect storm of ‘information leak’. Thus, companies experienced a number of reputational issues.

OSINT became an unavoidable security measure important for organizations to adopt. Here are three reasons that illustrate why the Open Source INTelligence technique is important for intelligence activities to take place within businesses.

  1. Supplier Risk Management. Untarnished legal and morally stable profile, are two factors to be considered by companies while evaluating both prospective and existing suppliers. In today’s time, one-time evaluations are not enough. The fast-paced global economy demands more like continual monitoring to prevent reputational risks. Once the risks are identified using OSINT, they can be prevented.
  2. Protection of Assets. Semantic technology-based OSINT techniques process enormous data via multiple sources and of varied types. Enterprises require enhancing corporate security to detect and act on dangerous phenomena in real time. This includes action to point out negative trends and protect the organization. Other set of data is viewed from a strategical standpoint to prevent future threats.
  3. Analyze Customer Satisfaction. A better understanding of what the market and customers demand can be gained by companies via user feedbacks along with market intelligence and external source signals. OSINT technique is innovative enough to collect qualitative as well as quantitative data based on the demands and troubles expressed by a customer to measure satisfactory level.

OSINT or Open Source INTelligence gives access to internal and external data. A plethora of sources are explored to assist organizations in making informed decisions. ACSG Corp shares information on the criticality of using the technique to help firms excel their performance as compared to competitors. The technique is much required by organizations since it helps in fixing troubles faced by their service providers and consumers.

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