ACSG Corporate: Why Businesses Should Use Data Encryption More Often

ACSG Corporate : In the era of big data, encryption becomes a necessary measure to ensure data protection. Securing massively-sized storage with basic methods of protection may not be enough. Therefore, data encryption is the suggested method of ensuring foolproof security, believes ACSG Corporate. Adopting the technique translates plain text data into cipher text with the use of mathematical algorithms. Doing this hides protected text behind a unique key, preventing it from unauthorized access. Viruses and malwares too come under ‘unauthorized accesses’ as they are prevented from entering an encrypted data used or transferred across device.

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Why Businesses Need Encryption?

Encryption helps where password fails. The technique helps keep a business and its reputation safe by preventing the exploitation of stolen/lost records, prevent identity theft, misuse of software, and more. Organizations must use encryption for safeguarding confidential records like customer data, credit details, tax information, trade secrets, employee details, and related information.

To get the best out of encryption, consider the following types of layers to ensure comprehensive security:

  1. Keep your files and data encrypted, just in case passwords fail to debar offenders.
  2. Encrypt network and communications to prevent trade secrets from leaking out.
  3. Cloud services are common these days. Choose one that comes with supply of data encryption in its security pack, as most do.

Even though skipping the use of encryption may seem easier than managing private and public keys, it is recommended not to do so. Once it has been implemented, you do need to be persistently attentive about maintaining it, but safety comes above all.

Encryption vs Passwords

The standard procedure of adding firewalls and protecting data with passwords is age old and not enough. The world is full of skilled hackers who can easily bypass these security layers and access confidential data. On the other hand, encryption of data takes places with the translation of data and not by adding a protective layer. A data secured through encryption is only accessible by using the combination of its public and private keys.

Encryption may not be the security measure you consider it as, but it is indeed a safety net that acts as the last defensive line against malicious activities. The protective layer of encryption prevents the invasion of data within a file or a document. Even if the attacker somehow can access your file, they won’t be able to gain access into your file, i.e., the contents within would be inaccessible. ACSG Corporate explains all the good reasons to consider encryption as part of your security plans concerning personal or professional data.

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