Co-founder of Jabong, Praveen Sinha shares his experience of working with three ‘M’s

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Before co-founding Jabong in 2011, the venture that proved to be a huge success and the one that brought drastic changes in the e-commerce sector in India, Praveen Sinha shares his experience of working with the three ‘M’s. Praveen first worked with Maruti Suzuki India followed by Microsoft and McKinsey. The first letter of the three firms begins with ‘M’ and all of them are leaders in their own respective markets.

As soon as Sinha graduated from Delhi College of Engineering (DCE), he joined the largest passenger vehicle firm —Maruti Suzuki India where he worked for five years and was largely involved into general management. “I was also into power generation, Brown field  project execution. In the earlier phase, I also had been a part of  sales and services team in Bangalore,” he says.

When the Government of Delhi & NCT mandated public vehicles to go green by making them to run on CNG, Sinha played an essential role at Maruti Suzuki India. He said, “Because buses were converted into CNG and there was supply demand mis-match and industries went short of the natural gas. During that phase, I was a part of the project which converted gas turbines into fuel-driven turbines to generate electricity. We converted natural gas based to naphtha based and when situation got better, we converted it back to natural gas.”

Later, Sinha left the company to join IIM Calcutta for pursuing his post graduation in business. During his MBA program, Praveen joined Microsoft for a brief period of time. Praveen says, “At Microsoft, I was a part of the team which was trying to make office documents, etc more user-friendly on mobile phone because the screen size got significantly reduced from laptops to mobile phones”. He stated that the project went successful and consequently, the project also filed many patents.

At McKinsey, Praveen participated in several transformation projects that were majorly divided into two parts— one was to ensure sustainability while maintaining cost cutting and sales flow, the other was growth phase which required streamlining several bottlenecks in supply chain. He was also the part of several impactful projects. In one of the assignment, team was assigned to envision the long term perspective of how the electricity demand of the country will change in next twenty years.

Praveen finally left McKinsey to pursue his dream to pursue startup. It was then he founded Jabong — the eCommerce platform he co-founded along with his partners. As an MD of the firm, what paved the way for an unprecedented success of Jabong was the sundry experience Praveen gained while working with the three ‘M’s. All the three firms had diversified areas that presented an enormous opportunity to learn, which Praveen leveraged to the fullest.

Last modified: April 27, 2020

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