How technology and e-learning platforms shaped the education system?

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An undeniable fact about education is that it is always shaping up according to the changing situation of the world. Primitive education system, in some ways, prevents us from looking beyond the textbook. Thus, students are only acquainted with one side of the fact mentioned in the textbook.

Over the years, the mode of teaching and education system as a whole has transformed significantly. Education counsellors at TeachingKrow believe that the advent of technology and various e-learning platforms have tackled the major drawbacks posed by the primitive system of education. Some of the impactful changes technology has brought about in education are mentioned below.

Access to more information

The conventional system of education involves students going to schools where lecturers teach and instruct them by referring to a textbook. This style of teaching confines the students to only the textual content, disabling their potential to look beyond that.

However, with the emergence of technology, instead of students reaching out to seek knowledge, education has in turn come to them through the small white screens. With ample information present on the web, we can research and explore more, thus broadening our knowledge base. This enables us to put our own opinions and arguments which the instructor-led education system prohibits us from.

Collaborative learning:

One of the most impactful changes technology has brought about in the education system is collaborative learning. Students who are slightly introverted may find it easier to interact with other pupils through a digital platform. It has also increased the interaction between pupils and teachers. E-learning platforms like TeachingKrow allow students to hold discussions in a virtual classroom thus creating a healthy learning environment.

Learning opportunities for the working professionals: The traditional brick and mortar style of learning restricts education only to the young students. Owing to the e-learning apps, education has transcended beyond the boundaries of classrooms, thus giving the working professionals an opportunity to learn as well.

With the evolving job roles, employees are required to update their skills accordingly. Through the e-learning apps, they can re-skill themselves before their current skills get outdated, education experts at TeachingKrow review.
The E-learning platforms are undoubtedly making considerable differences in students’ performance and engagement. A report by KPMG states that the online education industry of India will grow from 1.6 million users in India to around 9.6 million users by 2021. This can potentially help overcome the challenges faced in delivery of education and create new dimensions in the education space.

Last modified: September 13, 2019

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