Online Testing can bolster public service jobs in the country, say Prometric experts

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The efficiency and accuracy of paper-based tests have always been questioned. However, online testing companies like Prometric seem to have infused a sense of security among the masses. In a recent development, the Indian government has proposed a NEET like exam to the Supreme Court for the recruitment of judges for lower judiciary.
The 60-year-old idea of recruiting judges was opposed due to few reasons. Firstly, there were 4,452 vacancies of judges in subordinate courts in the country as per the figures released on December 31, 2015. While the sanctioned strength is 20,502, the actual number of judges/judicial officers in subordinate courts is 16,050. So, there is a huge variation, which needs to be sorted with better options to bolster the public service jobs in India.
This proposal cameas no surprise, as online testshave received backing from all the sectorsof India. The proposal came on the heels of many states opposing the formation of an all-India judicial service. It was always on the cards with the kind of security and convenience provided by online testing pattern, as compared to paper-based exams. Online testing companies like Prometric are less prone to cheating and paper leaks, which makes it a clear choice for complex and high-stake exams.
With the kind of success online testing companies, especially Prometric has garnered in recent times, the administrators are keen to make use of the un-parallel services offered by online testing companies. Almost all the high-stake exams like CAT, NEET, etc are conducted online. Several recruitment exams have also been conducted online in last few years.
Most of the paper-based exams and recruitment procedures are not secure. Almost every other exam is affected by incidents like cheating and paper leaks. These steps of current government are coming as a relief for common people, who are always at the receiving end of all these issues. With safe and secured system provided by online testing companies like Prometric, there seems to be a way out for all the citizens, who will get an equal chance to come through the ranks by taking part in unbiased online exams.

Last modified: November 7, 2017

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