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The distressed state of the Indian education system has been one of the pressing concerns from the past few decades. Despite various policies and government schemes, there has been no significant change in rural areas. This can be attributed to various factors, including lack of proper infrastructure, unwillingness of well-trained teachers to work in remote locations, gender discrimination, etc.

However, with the advent of e-learning apps and various technological advancements in digital education, a major transformation in India’s education system is likely to happen. The question arises: Can e-learning be the ultimate key to tackling the challenges and bridging the educational gap, especially in rural areas?


Educational apps for students like Toppscholars facilitate learning in a virtual environment. Having a comprehensive range of learning materials with well-explained video lectures, concise notes and adaptive practice questions, students can learn at their own pace through these apps.

In rural areas, lack of proper schools and access to quality education still remains one of the major challenges. In addition, lack of financial resources is also one of the major factors refraining students from having access to quality education.

With the emergence of learning apps, having access to quality education is no more a luxury for people in remote areas. Toppscholars, the smart learning app, is equipped with ‘teachers connect’ feature so that the students can get in touch with well-trained teachers for clearing all their doubts. The advanced learning apps have also nipped out the financial factor so that the parents don’t have to worry about the extortionate school fees anymore. Gaining the right skill-set is more important than simply earning a degree and these e-learning apps have definitely proven the same.
Among the 500 million internet users in India, half of them are based in rural areas. Hence, the increasing growth and use of internet in the remote areas back the promising future of e-learning in India.

Additionally, India has overtaken the US in being the largest smartphone market and is also the second-largest e-learning market in the world. All these factors, coupled with a slew of government’s initiatives, affirm that e-learning apps can possibly transform the face of rural education.

Last modified: November 29, 2019

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