Testing and Validation: How consultancy services ensure a quality product

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Testing and validation of an application or product is arguably the most important process for any business. An IT company could include a user friendly interface or latest features, but it cannot be rolled out in the market unless it meets the quality standards. This is why testing and validation are an essential part of every business process. However, testing requires a considerable amount of resources and could turn out to be a time-consuming process. On that note, experts at Bhavyam Infotech, a global IT Consulting firm in Singapore, explain the multiple testing services offered by them that ensure a quality product within the set deadline:-


Functional testing is usually employed for new and long-term projects. The functionality of companies generally follows a pre-defined set of procedures. However, with new projects and advancing time, it is imperative that methodologies are updated to provide high quality products. For this, functional testing introduces a lair of identification in the Software Development Lifecycle in order to detect defects (if any) in its early stage itself.


Large number of test cases are often responsible for a lengthy testing procedure that eventually increases the product to market time. To tackle this, experts at Bhavyam Infotech use regression testing technique that aims to provide maximum test coverage in minimum time. With minimum test cases, the cost is optimized and time taken during testing is substantially reduced, all without increasing the quotient of risk.

Test data management

Irrespective of the testing environment, if the test data is not up to the mark, the product quality can never be assured. With test data management services, companies do not have to compromise on data quality due to reasons such as lack of infrastructure, data sensitivity, and lack of data conforming to business rules. Instead, organizations can work in an environment that functions on the integration of data with management practices, tools, and traceability.

Process consultation

Testing is not restricted to running test cases and resolving bugs. Sometimes, a process in used in the design and development of an application/product has a flaw. As the industry says, Quality of product speaks for the quality of the process. Keeping that in mind, consulting services analyze the current process and modify it to a reliable, flexible, and consistent process with the help of tools such as SEI, Six Sigma, or CMMI.

All that said, if a company is working on an application or product, then outsourcing testing services could be a wise decision as the quality of a product defines an organization’s credibility in the market.

Last modified: June 13, 2019

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