Why are people ditching plastic bags for non-woven bags?

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From stacking up in your household to wrapping, protecting or simply carrying your essentials, bags are all over our lives. But with people increasingly becoming more environmentally sensitive, and aware, their conventional choice of plastic bags have shifted to green alternatives reducing the ecological footprint.

The sustainable lifestyle is being promoted by using a non-woven range of bags. The shift in preference is welcoming, says Zedpack, a non-woven bags manufacturer. But what makes these non-woven bags different from their plastic counterparts? Here are a few distinctions:

  • Non-woven bags are eco-friendly, therefore, a more feasible option than plastic bags, whose increase use is escalating environment hazards.
  • Durable and sustainable, non-woven bags can withstand pressure, or damage, and can also be modified and reused. Plastic bags can be less reworked on and need to be frequently disposed.
  • The non-woven range of bags come with 100 percent recyclability. Being bio-degradable, they can burn without leaving trails of toxic contaminants, unlike plastic bags.
  • With their air-permeability and micro-perforation, non-woven bags can carry a range of products. Plastic bags are less air permeable.
  • A more economically viable option, non-woven bags are proven to be easier on pockets than plastic bags.

“Being a greener alternative, Non-woven bags are not just naturally viable but also hold color, and texture that can last for years”, affirms Zedpack. Customizing these bags as per your personal style is also a workable option. Gaining favorability in the packaging sector, the demand for non-woven green bags has gone up 20% after August last year, according to reports.

Satiating your wish for both style and sustainability, non-woven bags by Zedpack are not just eco-friendly but also aesthetically appealing. Being an innovative alternate for plastic bags, they promote people to go green, and aim to “slash waste, reduce litter”.


Last modified: January 9, 2019

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