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It will be unjust to call Rajesh Exports merely a ‘gold conglomerate’. The reason to call Rajesh Exports a ‘unique’ gold conglomerate is because of its dominance in the gold market. From refining to retailing, Rajesh Exports is the only company in the world which is engaged in the entire value chain of gold. Apart from this, it is the largest gold processing company which processes a whooping 35 percent of total gold processed in the world.

Rajesh Exports owns the world’s largest gold refinery – Valcambi, Switzerland and houses the world’s largest gold manufacturing unit in Bangalore, India. In addition to this, Rajesh Exports produces gold jewellery at the lowest cost in the world. It is also the largest exporter of the gold products from India and the only government recognised five-star export house in the jewellery sector.

The ‘lustrous’ gold conglomerate also has its own retail unit – Shubh Jewellers. The company claims to offer 29,000 varied designs and offers gold in the lowest prices. Shubh offers its unique ‘real rate per gram’ feature, under which, the costumer doesn’t have to pay extra for the jewellery they are purchasing. It means they don’t need to pay the making charges, wastage charges and other additional charges.

Shubh Jewellers was launched in 2012 and in no time, it expanded its roots across Karnataka. There are over 80 showrooms of Shubh Jewellers in Karnataka. The company is expected to expand itself in Northern India soon. The retail outlet – Shubh Jewellers is known for its designs, quality and competitive price. The retail arm of Rajesh Exports is known for fusing the traditional and modern style designs in their jewellery. Shubh has become a household name in Karnataka for its unique features and offerings.

Rajesh Exports reported its annual sales of Rs. 1.87 lakh crore in the financial year 2017-18. Recently, the company bagged an export order worth Rs 1,079 crore from Germany. With the gradual increase in its stocks, the company is all set to expand its footprints across the globe in the near future.


Last modified: October 18, 2019

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