How The Market Dynamics For Pinch Bottom Bags are Changing

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With pinch bottom bags becoming a popular choice in the packaging world, the market dynamics for the product is rapidly changing, suggest industry experts at Bankey Bihari Packaging Pvt Ltd. According to the company representatives, a major chunk of this popularity could be attributed to the fact that these bags are available in a large variety, and are open for customization.

For the uninitiated, pinch bottom bags are the flexible packaging bags that are quite commonly used to carry medium to large sized objects. These bags can be closed post-filling by, either sewing or pasting.

According to industry experts at Bankey Bihari Packaging, there have been several changes over the years with respect to the supplier and consumer mind set when it comes to preference for certain products, as well as the type of packaging used.

The global packaging industry has undergone substantial change in the past few decades. As new packaging solutions are being launched every year, this has culminated into the need for absolute customization. The suppliers have also been quick to capitalize on the benefits of digital printing on their product packages for brand advertising. Being printable and customizable, pinch bottom bags rank among the packaging solutions most preferred by suppliers and manufacturers for their products.

“The current trend favours packaging solutions which offer a neat visual appeal, are economical, customizable, easy to handle, and provide extended shelf life to the products. Pinch bottom bags are hygienic, easy to manufacture, and customizable. Assessing this trend, the preference for pinch bottom bags is expected to increase manifold over the next few years,” quipped an expert from Bankey Bihari Packaging.

There are several distinct characteristics of pinch bottom bags that drive demand:

  • Highly efficient sealing properties – A major concern for suppliers remains the protection of products inside from atmospheric agents. With an excellent sealing property, pinch bottom bags eliminate the chances of any contact with such agents.
  • Excellent palletisation– Having a firm base enables pinch bottom bags to be stacked easily.
  • Customizability– Printable and available in the market in various forms, pinch bottom bags range from being printable in four colors to up to six and more.
  • Shape and barrier properties
  • Efficient closure

Despite the features mentioned above, certain factors might act as hindrance to growth of the global pinch bottom bags market, according to industry experts at Bankey Bihari Packaging Pvt Ltd. Alternate packaging solutions, such as plastic bags, pasted open mouth bags, self-opening square bottom bags ,etc pose competition to pinch bottom bags.

Last modified: August 23, 2019

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