Jagmohan Garg talks about the importance of women empowerment

Jagmohan Garg, Delhi based Real Estate businessman who revolutionized the real estate sector states that it seems like a beacon of hope for many women who long for a better life. It is now held that women can no longer be asked to wait for equal rights.The subject of women empowerment has become one of the major concerning issues these days. Women, who for centuries have been exploited and oppressed, are now fighting back to restore their long lost dignified status in the society. Feminists, all over the world are voicing their opinion for the equal rights of women.

Jagmohan Garg, Jagmohan Garg News, Jagmohan Garg Delhi, Jagmohan Garg dmall, Women EmpowermentDelivering numerous and diverse roles flawlessly every single day, women are indeed the backbone of any society. They are the building blocks of a nation. It is believed that ‘Educating a woman is educating a nation.’ Thus, there arises a dire need for ensuring their empowerment for the over-all growth and development of the nation. According to Jagmohan Garg, it is the key to ensure their participation in the overall socio-economic development.

Married, unmarried or widowed, women are a subject to social prejudices and unjust treatment. They are made to bear the brunt of inequality, oppression, financial dependability and various social evils like female infanticide, child marriage, sati system (self-immolation by the women with their husbands), dowry system etc.

The fact that ensuring equality for women still remains a challenging issue in many parts of the world, is a matter of utter disgrace. We might have reached the moon or evolved with technology. But we cannot call ourselves ‘developed’ if women continue to be discriminated and victimized in our society says Jagmohan Garg.

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Last modified: November 16, 2017

7 Responses to :
Jagmohan Garg talks about the importance of women empowerment

  1. Avatar Suchitra Tiwari says:

    Impactful article.Feeling good to know about Mr. Garg’s thoughts on women empowerment.

  2. Avatar Sizen Khan says:

    It’s commendable on the part of mr garg to think so much more this major issue prevailing in the society. A few efforts can surely bring about a major positive change.

  3. Avatar Anup Verma says:

    Jagmohan garg seems to be a man of great wit. I second with all what he has put forward in this article. Quite impressed with his concern for the society. After going through this article, all that I can say is that this world needs more people like Mr. Garg who are so concerned with the issues of society.

  4. Avatar Joel says:

    It feels great to come across people like Jagmohan garg who think so much for the society and its issues. It’s quite rare to find people with such noble ideas these days.

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