Looking for luxury interiors solutions? Take a trip to Focus Frame

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Luxury Interiors made easy is the new mantra for home owners across India. Home Owners have typically faced problems with finding furniture and interiors solutions in a highly fragmented and unorganized sector. While independent furniture showrooms have mushroomed across all the major metros and furniture shopping online has been on the uprise, there is still a lack of solutions providers who can complete a turnkey job for a consumer.focus frame sofa

It is this stark gap in the market that Focus Frame Luxury Interiors aims to capture. FocusFrame was founded with a vision to build a nation-wide Interiors brand that caters to the interiors and furniture requirements of today’s urban home owner by providing them access to international designs, quality furniture with warranties and execution with an assembly-line type of efficiency.

The shell apartments or villas provided by most top builders are of international designs with good-quality execution.However, when the well-designed and executed shell apartment is handed over to a consumer, he is then dependent largely on a highly fragmented and unorganized sector of carpenters, contractors and interior designers for the final finishes and fit-outs in his home. Even though there are multiple furniture brands offline and online, they still largely cater to single-item purchases and do not have comprehensive solutions for a complete interiors package which includes a Kitchen, False Ceiling, Wardrobes, TV Unit, Lighting etc – items that a new home owner needs before moving in to his home.

While there are a large number of independent local interior designers who can do that for you, there aren’t many nation-wide brands for residential interiors that consumers can trust their expensive homes with. Today’s consumer is well travelled and exposed to international designs and wants to see those tastes reflected in his home. Focus Frame differentiates itself by providing fully imported European furniture solutions for their clients that are delivered like clock-work with a turn-around time of 45 days per home from design to final installation.
The Company currently has its offices in Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad and plans to expand to other metros soon. They can be contacted on sales@focusframe.in or via their website www.focusframe.in


Last modified: October 14, 2015

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Looking for luxury interiors solutions? Take a trip to Focus Frame

  1. Avatar Sachin says:

    english there is a saying action speaks louder than words and this is the
    perfect example for Focus Frame. Nice
    Article..Highly recommended to my friends. Amazing experience with them. very proficient in their work. very good Interiors..

  2. Avatar Geetika says:

    I had a
    fantastic experience working with Focusframe Interiors and I would
    wholeheartedly recommend them. They were clear and straightforward in
    describing the design process and estimated cost.they presented beautiful
    vision for the house as well as clear options for every single piece of

  3. Avatar sushma says:

    Hi, I would like to share my experience with Focus frame Interiors.Focus frame Interiors did an amazing job for us. I feel like our house truly reflects our personal style without sacrificing any functionality. They are extremely professional and they understood our need and fulfill that.These people design it in such a way that a house or a apartment is turned into home…they have transformed our house into a home….

  4. Avatar Niharika singh says:

    its great to shop from focus frame…seems reasonable and happy to see it in hyderabad..

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