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Meenu Agarwal: Interior Design is Ripe for Radical Change in the Coming Years

Meenu Agarwal, Founder & Director of MADS Creations, shines light on the road ahead for the interior design industry.

Interior design is always flourishing with innovative ideas, engaging concepts and popular demand. This aspect of the sector is expected to continue well into the decade as we move forward. Meenu Agarwal, an esteemed professional of the field with two decades of experience, gives a glimpse into what the industry will look like in the future.

Similar to other arenas, the world of design is set to be digitalised. In the last few years, there has been a steep incline in the number of designer firms who have shifted to an online presence. Many of them have already integrated their working style with online tools to assist them, vis-a-vis, client or dealer communication, operations and order management.

Social media platforms like Instagram started as sites for casual and personal interaction. Today, they have transformed into business-driven spaces for people to showcase their professional venture. There are curated profiles which act as refined catalogues of product launches and concept ideas.

Meenu Agarwal, Principal Designer at MADS Creations, expresses confidence in the prospect of interior designers to utilise social media to reach out to people. She says, “Social world will change the dynamic between designers and their potential customers. She adds, “These sites will serve as portfolios for the industry and people will choose to engage primarily through these platforms.”

Frequent physical visitation is also a common feature of the designing process. The customers as well as the designers go over a piece of furniture or a lighting layout multiple times before finalising their choice. This part of the job takes up the most amount of time and energy for everyone involved in the project.

Meanwhile, stores are set to embrace technology to make these tasks much more efficient. Advancements like 3D visualisation and augmented reality will be incorporated into physical stores. The entire experience of interior design will undergo complete overhaul when technology-driven interaction will be the norm.

The conversion will benefit designers the most, believes Meenu Agarwal MADS Creations who says, “Exact digital replicas of one’s room will be created, designed and modified through software in real-time. Technological tools will take over the heavy tasks and allow designers to focus on their craft.”

She adds that while it has made the industry much more accessible to a larger group of people, it has also further carved a niche for original designs. Customers expect novel outlines and products to make their properties stand out from the mainstream. In the coming years, ingenuity will continue to be the most sought-after quality from the professionals of the field.

Companies are moving towards a larger brand online presence to increase their base and service quality. The entire process from initial pitch and design finalising, to product manufacturing, and delivery will be upgraded into a digital setup. Major firms across the globe have detailed plans to reduce the number of stores and invest in better turn-around time and smoother customer satisfaction.

“People are drawn to designers for the uniqueness and the exclusivity they offer. Their quest for a personalised space embodies their act of self-expression. However, the era of  Instagram has made projects and layouts accessible  and easily available for everyone to view and adopt,” says Meenu Agarwal. Technology has changed the true sense of life and interior designs are now on the path to progress.

Srinivasan Vedam

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