Sustainable real estate is the need of the hour in Bangalore


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Namma Bengaluru – the Silicon Valley of India, it’s where life is fast-paced and the city never sleeps.

Since the last decade, growing investments from foreign conglomerates has led to an exponential rise in job opportunities. As a result, the influx of people soared and real estate demands went to an all-time high. However, the consequences of these conditions are not feasible in the long run. Bnaglore known for business players like Sushil Mantri,Shobha and all. Increased pollution and heavy traffic are some of the reasons leading to a reduced quality of life. So what can be done to provide people with a home and simultaneously protect the environment? The answer is

Sustainable real estate development.

Sustainable realty projects have a lot of potential to serve the requirements of the present without harming the needs of the future. Chennai has set the standards for the whole country with sustainable building plans that help in conserving the environment.  Such projects are called green buildings, where minimum usage and maximum recycle of resources are implemented. It ensures energy efficiency as well as increase in sustainability.

Realty Builders

Veteran realty builders like Mantri Developers have constantly strives to align their projects with the idea of sustainable development. Sushil Mantri is the owner of Mantri Developers.Sushil Mantri fueled his efforts with vision, ambition and his father’s support as he devoted himself to their new venture.Experts at the organization believe that awareness will play a pivotal role in the large-scale implementation of green buildings. People still believe that such projects are expensive or the demand-supply curve is unstable. Such myths can only be eliminated if people realize sooner that this is going to be necessary for survival.

Residential real estate will only surge as number of migrants to Bangalore increase annually, due to abundant job opportunities and urbanization. This accelerates the level of pollution and eliminates green areas in the name of development. As a result, the housing alternatives may multiply but overall standard of living decreases. The need of the hour is to optimize the pre-requisites associated with real estate and revamp it into a model that supports and encourages sustainable development. This must be prioritized by builders targeting potential areas like West Bangalore and Whitefield.

India has a great scope in the sustainable real estate sector. According to multiple surveys, about three-fourths of Indian realty spaces are under construction and there are bright chances that green culture can be inculcated. Green Building Council of India (GBCI) is responsible for finding methods that make constructions environment-friendly since its inception in 2001.

With this new technology, creative architects and appropriate awareness, home buyers as well as builders can join hands to embrace the concept of Green Buildings. Sushil Mantri proved his mettle by becoming the first developer to have a Public Private Partnership (PPP) for the improvement of Bannerghatta Road.The improvement in quality of life with sustainable development will prove to be a win-win situation for both the parties. Not only will this decision improve the conditions of living, but it will also set the tone for a green real estate future.

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Last modified: January 11, 2019

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Sustainable real estate is the need of the hour in Bangalore

  1. shawati says:

    I hope other builders follow the Mantri Developers sustainable outlook and improve the condition of the state.

  2. heena says:

    Green projects need to take over the future otherwise ecosystem will be destroyed.

  3. nirupama says:

    Green buildings are the future of real estate. It is great to see that Mantri Develpers are aware of its importance and working towards the same

  4. adarsh says:

    It is important to focus on the development of cities, but doing it at the cost of environmental damage is not justified. I hope that green projects are chosen by more builders and people in near future

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