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How Vestige and Other player are sculpting the model of direct selling in India

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If you have grown up in the late 1990s, some Didi selling beauty products to your mom and her friends was a common sight. The period was generally called the ‘Golden Era’ of direct selling in India. As more and more products arrived in the shelves of the Indian market, the competition grew steeper to directly reach out to the customers. The absence of e-commerce platforms made the race fiercer. Vestige entered the Indian Market in 2004, when direct selling was a broad concept in the economy.

The concept of direct selling was introduced in India in 1980. When the industry boomed in the post-Liberalization era, multinational firms like Oriflame, Amway, and Avon ventured into the domestic market. While the late 2000s saw the growth of its homegrown companies like Tupperware and Vestige, which started dealing with health and personal needs. In Millennial era, company like vestige also won several national and international awards like “ABP Nutraceutical Company of the Year 2017.

When direct selling business entered the Indian market, it bought its own advantages for the common populace of India, which is as follows:

Women empowerment:

According to a report by FICCI on Indian direct selling industry, the majority of direct sellers are women. The study says that out of 100 workforce, 52 are women; this happened because majority of the organizations dealing with direct selling are into personal needs and health care, helping women in terms of leadership and training. It is also aiding a majority of Indian women’s dreams to be financially independent.

Make in India:

Direct selling began picking traction in India in the late 2000s when international and national players like Oriflame, Avon, Vestige and Tupperware entered the Indian market. One of the key strategies for these players was tie- up with MSMEs. As per the FICCI report, only 30-35% of these products were manufactured in their facilities, while majority of them were manufactured by local/regional MSMEs.

Digital India:

Direct selling companies are rapidly penetrating the latest technology at a ground level. According to FICCI, majority of the workforce in these companies comes from Tier 2 and Tier 3 citi es of India. With technology entering the hinterlands of the country, more and more avenues are opening up. Mobile as a direct selling tool is helping Indian entrepreneurs to be tech-savvy.

Contribution to Startup India:

They typical value chain of direct selling flows from products development to manufacturing that developed products to the customers. Having strong base with SMEs and MSME industries, direct selling companies outsource their R&D and training to different companies in the domestic market, enhancing the urge of opening their business and contribution to the national welfare. Till now, direct selling companies are benefiting the population of India through pecuniary independency.

Here are the top 10 best direct selling companies in India 2018:-

Direct Selling is booming and the fastest growing industry in India, it’s a boon for the economy as it generates employment market for the young, bright Indian population. This also boosts the confidence in an individual thereby contribute to the economy. Here are the top 10 best direct selling companies in India 2018

  1. Vestige: A company, which started its operation in the booming year of direct selling industry, it launched the organization operations in 2004. Soon after its launch, Vestige turned out to be one of the most reliable brands. It contributes extensively in the Make in India program.
  2. Tupperware: Started in 1942 by Earl Tupper in USA, Tupperware is the best example of job creation and perfect sales. It is one of the most trusted brands of India.
  3. Herbalife: A Global Nutrition Company, it primarily deals healthcare and nutrition. The organization thrives on its mission and vision of “help people be healthier and happier”.
  4. Amway: Established in 1995, Amway India commenced commercial operations in India. They have over 130 offices and four regional warehouses in the country.
  5. Oriflame: Founded in 1967 by two brothers and their friend, Oriflamme is an international beauty company involved in direct selling for decades now. This company is present in more than 60 countries worldwide, with an average 3.6 Million independent consultants.
  6. Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited:  It is a direct selling company that deals with a range of comprehensive and quality lifestyle products for international and national consumers.
  7. Modicare: Started in 1996, Modicare is also one of the leading direct selling company of India. The company has 40 centers that connects and supplies to 2,700 cities of India.
  8. Naswiz Retails Pvt Ltd: It is India’s youngest direct selling company founded in 2016. It is based out of Delhi.
  9. Win Nature International Pvt Ltd: Establish in 2015, it is an emerging Ayurveda products manufacturer located in Nagpur (Maharashtra).
  10. Forever Living Products: Founded in 1978, it is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of aloe vera products. It has 150 business owners around the world.

The Indian direct selling industry has seen its own ups and downs because of e-commerce players rupturing the domestic market. According to KPMG, India’s direct selling companies are pegged at Rs 7,500 crore in 2016, and expected to grow to Rs 64,500 crore by 2025




Last modified: October 5, 2018

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How Vestige and Other player are sculpting the model of direct selling in India

  1. Avatar Mike Anglis says:

    Hey I heard about this company Vestige, But if one compare then Amway is much better with wide range of products for selling. Also their quality is also very good.

  2. Avatar Neeta sharma says:

    @abhisek sood I also wanted to join vestige direct selling business can you help me out and tell how to start this business ?

    And also please tell me which product is the best to start with. I have seen vestige website and products can you tell me how to approach .

    Thanks in advanced 😊

    1. Avatar Abhisek sood says:

      Hi neeta yes I will definitely help you if you want to join vestige distributor chain. First of all I would like to tell you that it’s absolutely free of cost and need few simple steps to join it.

      You will need all your required documents like pan, adhaar card and cancelled cheque. Then you have to fill a form. You have to be 18+ in order to be the dustributor as vestige do not support child labour.

      After registration you will get a distributor id that contain login detail on your registered mobile number. Using this login you will login on

      Now in order to become a distributor of vestige products you have to purchase through filling order form with a minimum amount of rs 800.

      Now you can refer this product to your friend and any known person to purchase and this way you can grow your network.

      If you want to start this business you can take vestige best products. You can it’s website

    2. Avatar Atul Pandey says:

      Hi Neeta … Vetsige has got some of the best quality and affordable products in daily care , home care , health care and agri range

      Their health supplements are the best and give 100% positive results when used as suggested by the company … We are a joint family of @25 people and everyone has experienced positive results using the health supplements in different ailments like BP/Diabetes/Joint pain / arthritis/ cholesterol levels / thyroid and many more. Eye support is one of the best in the world .

      I suggest everyone has to go for these vestige products atleast for their personal use … Commendable quality

      Atul Pandey ..8657657343

  3. Avatar Abhisek sood says:

    Vestige is a direct selling business provider in india. It was founded in 2004 and has given lakhs of people this business opportunity. Vestige is dealing with mainly health products and personal care products. Initially I have used these products suggested by one of my friend and I found it very amazing and decided to work with vestige.

    Well there are various companies that are providing direct selling kind of business but most are not trusted one. We have heard a lot about fraud in such companies. While at the same time vestige is a ISO 9001-2015 certified company and one of the largest and trusted one. It offers world class services to its customer. It has 3000 + offline and online offices in india and outside ty he country as well.

    Being a part of vestige I understand one have to know what to do or should have a clear picture of business he or she opting for. Vestige also help it’s customer to understand how this direct selling business works so that they understand the loop holes and business opportunities. For the same vestige asks it’s distributors to register with them and read marketing plan and understand the scope of the business to gain the maximum profile. It’s provide equal business opportunity to all its distributors.

    Vestige also give rewards to the people who give their extra efforts into the business. I am the one of such lucky distributor who revived the honour and rewards for my hard work. Beside this these rewards and achievements also calculated every years and get add ons.

    So guys if you want to be a successful vestige distributor you should be a regular user of products, earn by sharing, enrich by sharing the business and enrich yourself by enriching others.

    All the best !!

  4. Avatar Noopur Shah says:

    Vestige is a great company, which offers quality products to their customers. I still remember purchasing their DENTASSURE tooth paste, trust me the taste and freshness of this toothpaste can beat the competitors in the market. I still use and recommend vestige products to my relatives. Only thing I can say genuinely is you must try their other products too.

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