Why custom retail packaging matters for your business

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The packaging is often overlooked when it comes to the factors that can sway purchasing decisions. Although most customers like to think their purchasing decisions come about by rational decision-making, there is a strong underlying component at play as well. Market experts at Bankey Bihari Packaging review the importance of custom retail packaging for your business.

The psychological connect

If you ask someone why they chose a particular product, it’s highly likely they will cite its ‘good value’ as a reason. However, this doesn’t refer to price alone. ‘Value’ is a much more subjective concept than it is generally perceived, experts at Bankey Bihari Packaging suggest.

A study published in Psychology and Marketing in 2013 measured brain activity as people viewed different packaging. The study showed that attractive packaging created stronger activity in the reward-seeking areas of the brain than plain packaging. Although people might not be consciously aware of it, the visual appeal of a product does affect most purchasing decisions.

This happens largely due to the fact that packaging helps to develop that all-important perception of ‘value added’. Branding and packaging remain two sides of the same coin. Quality custom packaging presents another great avenue to get your brand noticed by the people.

If you’re currently stuck with plain packaging, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to express your brand. Not giving the quality and attractiveness of packaging serious consideration is like writing a fantastic story, without giving it a satisfying ending. It could leave your customers feeling dissatisfied with the overall experience. Providing a premium custom packaging experience helps develop long-term customer relationships and brand loyalty, suggest market experts at Bankey Bihari Packaging.

The social media connect

Social media remains instrumental in making packaging central to the customer experience. Whether you run an e-commerce retailer or a ‘brick and mortar’ retail store, social media is likely key to your marketing efforts. On visually-oriented platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, clever and attractive packaging is like catnip to your audience. It is a fantastic way to catch the common eye and pull prospective customers into viewing what your brand has to offer. Instead of the recipient being the only one to see your packaging, it can now be shared thousands of times and expose your brand to new audiences.

According to experts at Bankey Bihari Packaging, the facets represented by great packaging are something much less tangible, something that boating of your product’s qualities can’t do. It reflects your brand’s commitment to quality, customer service, and high value.

Last modified: April 26, 2019

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