Narco test of EVM

EVM Tampering

The State Assembly Elections held between February and March this year is the latest talk of the town. With Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) pronouncing its strong hold over Uttar Pradesh with more than 320 seats, the world seems to have fallen apart for Samajwaadi Party (SP) supremo and former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, AkhileshYadav.

Sad but true, the hyped SP-Congress combine failed to make life easier for Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi. Meanwhile, the BahujanSamaj Party (BSP) President Mayawati is still recovering from this unexpected, huge blow.

It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that BJP’s latest UP Assembly victory is majorly pegged on the on the Narendra Modi factor. And why not? The world is witness to the remarkable leadership of the proverbial Modi. But the big electoral victory for the BJP came in with its share of troubles. Parties and candidates who couldn’t stand the test of the time are now adamant on declaring the BJP win a result of EVM tampering.

Boggled by Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP) terrible defeat in Punjab, Delhi chief minister ArvindKejriwal ─ in yet another attempt to make some sense─ recently questioned the reliability of electronic voting machines (EVMs). AAP government hastily decided to write to the state election commission requesting the use of ballot papers in the upcoming MCD elections, which undoubtedly is passé! Unable to digest the loss, the not-so-wise Arvind Kejriwal is against EVM, thus promoting the momentous role of traditional ballot paper system in ensuring a fair electoral process.

The Delhi Chief Minister suspected EVM tampering and said, “It is the responsibility of the Election Commission to ensure people believe in the electoral system. If people lose faith in elections, democracy will lose its meaning. If there is a flaw in EVMs, elections become meaningless.”

Attributing AAP’s loss to the ‘manipulation of EVMs’, Kejriwal further spoke, “It is because of EVM tampering that 20 to 25 percent vote share for AAP was transferred to the SAD-BJP alliance.”

The current wave of arguments against the use of EVMs in MCD elections has certainly instigated a relentless war of words in the country!

With Congress also endorsing the use of ballot papers, Delhi BJP president ManojTiwari states, “Both parties are apprehensive of their loss.” Tiwari continues, “This demonstrates their utter frustration and the apprehension that they will lose. It is surprising that the Congress has won and lost many elections in the country and Delhi, but today it doubts the credibility of EVMs.”

But what is really the truth behind EVM tampering? With the Election commission consequently announcing a Narco Analysis of EVM machines to rule out the possibility of EVM tampering, it is expected that we soon would get answers to all the questions!