With Sakshar Bharat Pariyojana, Sahara India Pariwar to educate India

Nidhi Gupta CSR

subrata royIn education lies the way towards development. Even though there are so many prestigious educational institutes in India at graduate and post graduate level, yet there is a wide gap that exists. The basic education that persists in India at primary level is neither available to all nor up to the standards. When we say that the children of India are its Future then it becomes the our responsibility to ensure their basic foundation is strong. In this regard, Sahara India Pariwar has started an initiative titled Sakshar Bharat Pariyojana to improve education in India.

Sakshar Bharat Pariyojana is an initiatives which is a step forward towards a literate India. This initiative is taken by the Sahara Welfare foundation, a part of Sahara India Pariwar. This Literacy Programme was initiated by Sahara Pariwar leader, Subrata Roy, with the vision to support the families belonging to low income group to grow, by educating them and their children, and make them realize about their capabilities and opportunities lying before them.

There are numerous activities involved in Sakshar Bharat Pariyojana. From parents’ participation in educating their wards to organizing various playful and competitive activities, Sahara Group focuses on non formal educational institutions and teacher training programme, which helps in motivating the children to develop the go get attitude and also create opportunities for themselves. Under Sakshar Bharat Pariyojana, regular health check-up camps are organised for the young ones along with the camps organized for assessing their psychology.

Subrata Roy led Sakshar Bharat Pariyojana was started form 3 centres of Lucknow, and today it has expanded its operations to 20 centres in primary town and 12 centres in Gorakhpur. Young ones are so enthusiastic to be a part of this programme that the attendance of 500 students across these 32 centres never goes below 85%. More than 300 graduating students receive scholarships worth Rs 750 per month and 145 post graduating students are receiving Rs 1500 per month as a part of the scholarship.


Last modified: December 4, 2015

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With Sakshar Bharat Pariyojana, Sahara India Pariwar to educate India

  1. Avatar Peter says:

    It’s a great initiative by Sahara group for promoting basic education. Such steps can bring about a great change in the literacy rate of our country.

  2. Avatar amitagowariker says:

    I have seen one Sakshar Bharat Pariyojana centre in my hometown (Lucknow), and trust me, the mentality of mentally enslaved ones have changed a lot. I have observed the difference of two generations and I am proud to be a part of this town where the foundation of this initiative was laid. Sahara is doing a commendable job.

  3. Avatar sameer says:

    Sahara India Parivar is certainly doing a good job by looking after basic education needs of our nation. Unless and until we take everybody along us, we cannot attain success. If we are appreciating and accepting the well established sector of the society, encouraging the underprivileged people becomes our sole responsibility as well.

  4. Avatar John says:

    The low income group and underprivileged sections of society need the most attention in terms of education. This step by Sahara group can make a huge difference in their lives and help in creating an equal and just world.

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