Narendra Modi’s visit to the UK was a success

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Benefits of PM  Narendra Modi’s recent visit to the UK and the results seem to have been mitigating the criticism it drew before it commenced. While various dignitaries have been criticizing Indian PM Narendra Modi for his focus on strengthening India’s ties with other countries, there are those who can see the larger good in this. Atul Punj, chairman of Punj Lloyd, thinks that in a scenario where businesses have become more global than ever and the economies are more connected, maintaining healthy relations with other countries is paramount.

Atul Punj, also known as Mickey Punj felt that Narendra Modi’s recent visit to the UK was much needed. Chinese President, Xi-Jinping, had just signed contracts worth £40-billion with UK on his trip to the European country last month. The deal also involved a contract on creating a Nuclear Power Plant in Britain. In the wake of these events, Mickey Punj felt, that it was more than necessary for India to strengthen ties with the UK.

With UK being the largest European investor in India and India being the second largest investor in the UK, it had became imperative for the two countries to reach a better accord, especially when Indian economy is on a rapid growth trajectory. With PM Modi pushing towards development, it becomes necessary to bring in more foreign investment in the country

In three days, 27 deals amounting to £9-billion were sealed between India and the UK. Deals were signed for various sectors including energy, finance, IT, education, logistics and health sector. But more than the deals, what this visit has achieved for India is the revival of cordial relations with the UK. Ever since David Cameron came into power six years ago, he had been trying to build healthy relations with India. This visit from Indian PM has established that the feeling is mutual.


Last modified: February 27, 2018

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