Future-forward education: The importance of tech-driven personalized learning in schools

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Every child learns at a different pace. From listening to watching and observing, to group learning and logic-driven questions – every student prefers a distinct learning style. Considering the endless learning opportunities available to students in a technology-rich environment, the school kids now have much wider access to information than past generations.

Today, parents are also extremely aware of their child’s rapidly evolving personality and cognitive ability. While individuality is encouraged at home, parents are always mindful about how their children will fit into the new social environment and learn to engage in their peer group. The thought of children falling behind the outlined curriculum or getting bored often bothers most parents.

The rapidly changing times call for innovation in teaching methods. As educators continue to debate over how the students can be best prepared to survive in the modern world, the most viable solution comes in the form of tech-enabled personalized learning that fits the students’ their needs,  passions, strengths, and interests.

While technology plays a crucial role in personalized learning, it is the educators’ use of technology in the classroom that leads to effective learning. There are several models of personalized learning- the primary objective of each remains to enrich and support deeper learning, along with transforming the classroom experience for each and every student.

Schools can use flexible-learning environments to customize the learning approach. For example, Ryan International School invests time, effort and resources in understanding and nurturing individual personalities of the students, and constantly encourage them to explore their strengths and aptitude. The teaching staff is also trained to recognize different cognitive and processing styles that often influence the way a child learns.

The teaching methods at Ryan International School are personalized in a way where teachers can take an active interest in each child’s learning curve. Getting to know the children as individuals, knowing their interests and passions, and understanding how students think helps in providing relatable and contextual examples that elevate academic learning to fundamentally sound principles.

Development of personalized learning tools can also aid creating an engaging learning environment. Ryan International School, for instance, has developed a special Class-board App called Plato (Personalized Learning & Assessment Tool). The app is customizable, i.e. it can cater to the educational needs of each individual student, allowing him/her to refer to courses, chapters, and assignments through various e-learning modules. The app also allows access to lab experiments and track extracurricular activities.

Ryan International School has also designated “Bring Your Own Device” locations in the premises, where students can bring their own devices to the class. Using Microsoft OneNote classroom model, students can learn seamlessly across various platforms at their preferred pace. At several Ryan locations, the classrooms are Wi-Fi enabled and equipped with Smartboards that will be connectable to personal devices, Plato and Google Drive, offering students a comfortable, personalized experience.

From a parent’s point of view, personalized learning is a desirable offering from schools since it allows them to be involved with the education of their kids. Enrolling children in a school that offers personalized education can add a lot to their overall development, by transforming them into self-aware individuals. Schools like Ryan International share this vision with parents and are creating a customizable environment to ease the process of learning by making it fun and engaging.

Last modified: August 16, 2019

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