How technology is reaching beyond campus walls to empower diverse learners

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Technology is shaping the skills required in the global business environment faster than organisations or people can adapt. On that note, the core skills required for specific job roles are anticipated to change in the next few years. Considering the rate at which the business environment is disrupting and evolving, the companies are required to recognise and learn the skills needed to remain in the game.The dependency of today’s economy on knowledge necessitates schools and universities to rethink the idea of education in order to create a skilled global workforce. In this regard, several ed-tech companies have established partnerships with top B-schools, aiming to reach and empower diverse learners on a global scale.

In the past, while young students could opt for their aspired course right after graduation, experienced working professionals, despite their alacrity for higher education, were abstained from doing so due to many roadblocks. The age limit in certain universities and the need to sacrifice their job are the major ones.

Online MBA, flexibility at its best

The traditional MBA program requires regular attendance and hence does not provide as much flexibility as its online counterparts. Online MBA can be more challenging in terms of commitment of time and effort, however, there are ample benefits it offers which on-campus MBA doesn’t.

One of the major perks of MBA for working professionals is that the participants don’t have to compromise their jobs for studies. The delivery mechanism of the courses is either online or blended so you can set the study schedule according to your work timings. The courses are covered through the use of technological capabilities and virtual classrooms so that the participants get a real-time experience of classroom learning. For the working professionals who need to travel extensively, online MBA programs can be pursued from any corner of the world they are in.

Online learning has not only opened new doors of learning for the working professionals, it helps alleviate faculty shortages many institutes are facing. Technology powered ecosystem facilitates seamless learning experience by connecting content experts with students from all parts of the world.

Last modified: December 7, 2020

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