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Experts at iFEEL explain why you should choose PGDM over MBA courses

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For most of the management students, there comes a phase after graduation when they are often torn between the diverse career options that assure them a promising corporate career they vehemently wish for. With a number of options available, it is imperative for us to align our professional objectives with the type of study program we want to pursue.

For students who have streamlined their future career, and want to focus on building the vision they have for themselves, pursuing a PGDM program can  give them the direction for further polishing their skills and  qualifications. While MBA is also among the highly valued programs, it emphasizes more on holistic management, skill development whereas PGDM is focused on finding the perfect employee-market fit, say career counselors at iFEEL.

What is the difference between PGDM and an MBA course?

Master’s in Business administration (MBA) seems like an obvious choice for management students after school. However, MBA programs are said   to be rigid, emphasizing more on the theoretical aspects of a business. An MBA course follows a fixed curriculum based on established university guidelines.

A Post-Graduation Diploma Course (PGDM) follows more of an industry-academia curriculum, which is in line with the industry you seek a fruitful career in. The diploma course is different from the MBA degree course in terms of its industry approach, curriculum, fees, and industry exposure.

“Whether you’re a student fresh out of school or an employee looking for a career change, PGDM course helps you get industry-ready with its curriculum knitted around the study area of your interest,” suggest career counselors at iFEEL, Lonavala.  The courses are designed keeping in mind the industry standards and expectations. They can be modified/altered, which makes them a preferred option over their MBA counterpart.

If you want to gain a comprehensive corporate view through a study program, MBA might prove to be a preferable option. But PGDM courses can help build your expertise in specific areas along with providing in-depth knowledge through granting specializations in areas such as human resource, operations, financial management, international marketing, etc.

PGDM helps in developing skills that the current industry demands, bridging the gap between students and their aspirations. Nurturing the leaders and entrepreneurs in its students, PGDM prepares you well to face the challenges in different areas of management.

So get yourself enrolled in the PGDM program and become industry ready!

Last modified: July 11, 2019

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