India’s EdTech unicorn worth $12 billion could transform Indian Education System

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Smartphones and laptops, earlier seen as gaming devices, transformed into virtual learning hubs that helped the students continue learning while the outside world stood still. Subsequently, COVID-19 created a once-in-lifetime opportunity for electronics, the internet, and EdTech. According to a report titled ‘The Great Un-Lockdown: Indian Edtech’, BYJU’S raised $2.3 billion in the last five years, taking its evaluation to $12 billion.Now that the digital learning stereotype is fractured, platforms such as Unacademy and BYJU’S hold potential to revolutionize the Indian education system into a blend of traditional and modern learning.

Firstly, the lead of Blackboard education on establishing conceptual fundamentals could be followed by the assistance of digital resources. Short-tutorials and simulation videos of STEM knowledge enable the students to visualize concepts and patterns for enhanced understanding. This would reduce the need for cramming while developing subject-matter expertise in each student.

Secondly, EdTech can solely reduce the burden of continuous classes on students due to its time independence. Round-the-clock access to lectures allows students to study at their own time schedule, which is pivotal in establishing a balance between academics and co-curricular activities for the overall personality development. Additionally, it reduces the expenditure of parents over primary education via tuition, coaching, and home tutors which stands at nearly $32 billion, as per the report.

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Learning as per convenience

Thirdly, the habit of learning through a screen from tender age significantly contributes towards the digital reading ability. As children proceed towards advanced academia, they would be well-versed with free online knowledge resources that directly translate into heightened exposure and in-depth knowledge of respective subjects.

Lastly, EdTech ensures rigorous assessment. Dedicated chapter assignments and continuous course revision tests equipped with application-based questions categorically highlight the areas of improvement. Consequently, the child can employ concentrated revision for better results.

That said, Indian education system tried to include digital learning aid via smartboards, but the massive onset of EdTech has opened new doors of digitization that can improve every individual’s knowledge, career, and future growth by miles.

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Last modified: February 23, 2021

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