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Business news, in today’s time, is constantly flooded with the global expansion headlines of consultancy giants and startups. With new industry trends and transforming business functionalities, a significant number of leading companies are focusing towards their international presence as they face cut-throat market competition. Consequently, upcoming MBA professionals looking to excel in the field need to be well-versed in national as well as international management requirements to efficiently fulfill the demands and deadlines of an organization. The question arises: How can MBA colleges transform the MBA students into a Global manager?

The answer is simple: International Immersion Programs. Observing the increasing importance of knowledge about global diversities in terms of language, culture, business, and operations, multiple colleges have introduced such programs in their curriculum. The objective is to help the students learn by experience as they visit a foreign B-school or company and observe the intricacies of management as well as personal greetings. On that note, here are the top immersion programs available for the comprehensive development of MBA students:

Woxsen School of Business, Hyderabad

Under the Global Immersion Program at Woxsen School of Business, PGDM and PGPXP students visit Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and Mannheim Business School, Germany respectively. Interacting with industry professionals, guest lecturers, and faculty of the international B-schools, the students are exposed to the global business standards along with the practices employed to achieve desired objectives.

Woxsen School of Business

Woxsen School of Business

On a micro level, PGDM students of WSB Hyderbad intricately observe the integration of technology and business management as Singapore is one of the leading technological hubs in South East Asia. On the other hand, PGPXP students could analyze the role of cultural differences and country happenings on different business industries and markets located in the European Zone.

FIIB, Delhi

FIIB Delhi has two major international offerings: Business Study Tours and Student Exchange Program. In the past, students have visited countries like Finland, Dubai, Slovenia, etc, for guest lectures, site visits, and generic interactions to understand the heritage and business environment. This plays an important role in discovering insights about the processes, run-time management decisions, and the overall operational hierarchy.

FIIB Delhi

FIIB Delhi

On the other hand, Student Exchange Programs include sessions on business fundamentals and management practices between FIIB students and students from leading international universities such as Sam Walton College of Business. The students also get dedicated time to visit the country for culture and sight-seeing.

Shiv Nadar University, Greater Noida

The 2019-2021 students of I-Global MBA program at School of Management and Entrepreneurship, Shiv Nadar University, get a chance to visit the University School of Warwick, London for three weeks. During this tenure, the students can learn a great deal about finance management since London is counted as one of the premier financial hubs in the world.

Shiv Nadar University

Shiv Nadar University

Along with this, students get a chance to develop as well as strengthen their networking skills with the students, alumni, and industry professionals, which could play a significant role in their career growth.

That said, experiential learning via B-school’s international immersion programs forms the backbone of global managerial instincts. It would not be an understatement to say that universities which do not include such initiatives in their curriculum may not find themselves in the list of dream colleges for MBA students across the country.

Last modified: September 30, 2019

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