Is it the ideal time to earn a business management degree? – Industry experts at iFEEL Lonavala review

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The pandemic outbreak has undoubtedly disrupted the management education sphere as equally as it had done to any other sectors, in a way that the conventional process of admissions and entrance exams is no more the same. In fact, in lieu of in-person interviews at the campus, many B-schools have switched to video-calling while some on the other hand have even extended their admission deadlines. Additionally, with the closure of several companies leaving thousands of employees furloughed from work, many may have even found themselves seeking an entirely different career path or discovering their own forte. Most industries are trying to clamber out of the covid-19 crisis towards a future that is uncertain. With that said, is now a good time to go back to college and earn a degree?

Faculty members at one of the Top PGDM colleges in Mumbai, iFEEL Lonavala Reviews that opting for a management course like MBA or PGDM program may be a good career option for those who are unsure of what they will do next. Be it the great recession of 2009 or the crisis we are currently facing, at the end of it all, the ones with a well-planned out strategy and a competitive edge manage to remain among the frontrunners in the industry. Therefore, equipping yourselves with leadership skills and gaining as much knowledge on business management while expanding your professional network today may enable you to come out more proficient than ever, once the economy starts to restore.

In India, owing to the top B-schools and management colleges like IIM, FMS, XLRI and iFEEL Lonavala where curriculums are updated as per the industry trends and standards, students have the upper hand of being able to gain the contemporary business knowledge. “We are doing everything we can to help our students prepare better for any kind of business challenges and offer them a comprehensive learning experience,” said one of the faculty members at iFEEL Lonavala. While course curriculum of many colleges still predominantly comprises of theory, at iFEEL Lonavala, equal emphasis is given on both theoretical and practical aspect. For instance, in addition to conventional lectures, top entrepreneurs from several industries are invited as guest lecturers so students can learn from their experience and gain a better insight of the real-time corporate space. Additionally, the curriculum also consists of global tours, internships, hands-on learning, etc all of which contribute to a holistic learning experience of students.

As the saying goes: ‘It is not what you achieve, it is what you overcome’, those people who manage to see an opportunity in a difficult situation are likely to swim against the tide and prevail. Perhaps, now is the chance to earn a degree in Business Management Program when every industry is in dire need of strong leadership skills more than ever.

Last modified: April 28, 2020

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