Learning and its Imperative – How much of teaching should be personalized in schools

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In its Parent Advisory Social initiative, Ryan International School addressed parents’ concern and queries about their child’s learning in a new social environment.

In light of recent admission spree, Ryan International School in continuation of its ‘Parent advisory social initiative’, addressed the concerns of anxious parents, making learning as the primary consideration over other flashy offerings.

The initiative addressed the personalization of learning and teaching methodologies and its impact and consideration for admissions. And even though education, sports, and a child’s future career form the basic premise of considering a school for admissions, Ryan International has something quite crucial to add to it.

The question stemmed from the notion of learning and ‘How much of teaching is personalized to cater to different learners?’

Addressing the notion, the educators at Ryan International School focus on the pedagogy, the learning process and the incumbent testing and examination in schools. Further, the teaching staff recognized different cognitive and processing styles – Some children learn better in a Visual Learning Style by observing things while some like to listen and learn in an Auditory Learning Style. Some children learn things when they do things for themselves in a Physical Learning Style, yet others like to question everything in a Logical Learning Style. There are also children that like Individual Learning and some prefer a group in a Social Learning Style.

Furthermore, the personalized approach based on a student’s learning style can also be emulated through teaching in Media, Art, Music and Dance.

The cultural and academic predisposition towards smart and cohesive learning also establishes Ryan International’s prominence in education. Likewise, under the school’s pedagogy children are encouraged to explore their interests and aptitude through reading, writing, group assignments, explorations, field trips, proactive research, mentorship programs and focused discussions – further encapsulating Ryan International’s approach towards a ‘Learning Quotient’.

The school in its presentation also proved its ideology, its relevant teaching methods and the ensuing results. The counselors at Ryan International, further highlighted the highly personalized education where its teachers took an active interest in each child’s learning curve – getting to know them as individuals, understanding how they think, knowing their interests – thus elevating learning and education through fundamentally sound principles.

While these concepts in tow, Ryan International rests the anxiousness of parents looking for school admissions, and at the same time defines how education for a student ought to be moulded and curated.

Last modified: June 13, 2019

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