Sharda University Says,Education Can Help Solve Intolerance Issue

Sharda University says that Education can help solve the ‘intolerance’ issue

Sharda University says that Education can help solve the ‘intolerance’ issue

The growing debate of ‘intolerance’ has brought to the fore front a few issues that have been cropping up in the society since decades and have now escalated to a stunning level. These must be addressed. The entire cry fuelling the idea of intolerance can be very well summed up on the basis of lack of a few very essential factors. Sharda University says that the best way to solve this problem is through imparting education among people. Education will help reducing such issues in the society.

For the longest time, Indians have lived in harmony with people of various cultures and religions. But then, some strand of hostility and violence in some part of the country causes us all to think where we went wrong. And more than often, solution lies in education. Education allows people to widen their horizon of viewing things. It helps them become more receptive towards different ideas. This leads to a better and in depth understanding of various issues on a more intellectual and cultural level, says one of the professors at Sharda University.

In imparting education lies a pragmatic solution to the perceived problem of ‘in-tolerance’. Basically, one of the reasons for not being tolerant is the economical frustration, which can be sorted with education.

Various steps are being taken by government to strengthen education system and make it addressable to all but all these efforts need to be expedited.

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