No more social distancing blues, e-learning and conferencing apps helping kids to learn and socialise as well

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With the nationwide lockdown now in its fourth week, for many, what you may have usually considered a rare luxury – calling in sick only to stay at home and relax, may be starting to be a bit much as well. Especially if there are kids around, keeping them engaged 24/7 while staying cooped up at home can be a strenuous task. Belonging to the smart generation, mobile phones seem to be the best resort for them and if utilised wisely, they can be your child’s study partner as well.

E-learning is a term that has been often used across the education sector ever since the pandemic outbreak led to shutdown of colleges and schools. With lots of learning apps emerging in the market and each ed-tech company rolling out better subscription package deals and offers than the next, it is crucial that you make the decision wisely and choose the one that is at par with your child’s learning style and ability. While different learning apps cater to different kinds of students, there are again few others like Toppscholars, a smart learning app, that offers a comprehensive learning experience to all kinds of learners.

With its learning content available in 2D and 3D Video format, every child, whether he/she is a visual, auditory or kinaesthetic learner, gains a seamless personalised learning experience. Doubt resolution by an expert teacher is also available through ‘Teacher Connect’ feature. The user interface and overall display are designed taking the interest of young school-going kids into consideration.

Additionally, video conferencing apps like Zoom and Microsoft teams are also playing a crucial role at times like today. They not only enable schools and colleges to deliver lectures, but also provide a platform for students to discuss on any academic concept and socialise as well.

With schools closed down, as parents, it becomes imperative for you to ensure that your child’s academics don’t get affected and hence, you need to come up with measures that can make learning a lot more interesting. “E-learning enables children to learn meaningfully and with every concept explained in an interesting way, it further encourages them to become independent learners,” said one of the academic experts at Toppscholars.

Last modified: April 28, 2020

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