Vicky Sarin, Gaurav Munjal and Ronnie ScrewWala Pioneering e-learning in India

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Vicky Sarin

Vicky Sarin, Gaurav Munjal, Ronnie Screwwala ­– transforming corporate lives via e-learning

Amidst the tide of e-education, some pioneers are pulling in their weight for separate audiences

Imagine a 43-year old man, white beard, working as a Senior IT professional in one of the finest global companies. Now, this man, at his age, becomes a Data Science expert with no prior knowledge of coding without quitting his job. Sounds unbelievable? See for yourself!

This is the story of Kunwar Alok, a Capgemini employee who recently transformed his life with IIIT Bangalore’s Post Graduate Program in Data Sciences. How was this possible? The answer is e-learning. UpGrad, an online-based higher education company, helped Alok access the contents of the course and successfully complete all the modules to bag a certificate sating its credibility.

In the last decade, technology has marked its presence in the Indian Educational System. The two major revolutions include the growing application of smart classes in schools and introduction of e-learning as an attempt to remove the barriers in universal accessibility of education. Pioneers of the latter include names like Gaurav Munjal (Unacademy), Ronnie ScrewWala (UpGrad), and Vicky Sarin (GetCertGo).

Each of these initiatives have equally contributed towards an increase in the quality of Indian education. In times where the ratio of number of students and premier college seats is radically unbalanced, e-learning has spearheaded the mission of providing best education sources to every aspirant who wants to learn, especially corporate professionals.

Though the corporate workforce of today’s time wants to learn, the schedule restrictions and location dependency act as major hurdles. Result? Learning curve with respect to corporate increases, but decreases in terms of skill set. This is where e-learning intervenes, eliminates these restrictions, and promotes the concept of ‘always a learner’.

With technology developing at a fast pace, it is imperative that the working professionals update themselves with the required qualifications so as to understand, implement, and further explain the same to their peers (or company). Institutes like GetCertGo, UpGrad, and Unacademy are the medium to achieve certification courses from premier institutes of the world by learning the associated subject from industry veterans.

From brainstorming sessions and 1-v-1 interactions to dedicated attention and infinite playback resources, e-learning has been the much awaited upgradation in the life of working people. The freedom to study as per their schedule in any corner of the world has invigorated them to improve themselves as stronger assets.

This directly results in the combination of corporate as well as technological experiences, thereby contributing to new horizons as well as handsome pay hikes without compromising on the ongoing responsibilities.

All that said, e-learning is not just another technological advancement. Instead, it is the foundation stone of education for everyone who has the will to learn and improve themselves. Furthermore, observing the exponential nature of e-learning’s adoption, it will not be surprising to see many more Kunwar Alok’s making headlines in the near future.

Last modified: June 13, 2019

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