With the right e-learning app, mobile phones are not a bane but boon for your kid

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Mind-numbing games and social media platforms – these are the two things today’s kids remain preoccupied with. As a parent, you may have often brooded over the amount of time your child spends on mobile phone and worse, there isn’t much one can do about it because of the digital era we live in.

Even though it may be hard limiting the time children spend on screen, there is always a way to regulate how that time is being used, one of which is studying through cell phones. Now you may be wondering – Can technology actually be used for educational purpose? If so, how?

Leverage the benefits of technology through e-learning apps

Over the years, several players have emerged in India’s ed-tech space, catering to the learning needs of young students. Online learning platforms like Meritnation, myCBSEguide, Toppscholars, to name a few. However, among the pool of educational apps, it can often be perplexing deciding on the one that fits the best for your child.

While e-learning apps like Duolingo can be used for learning foreign languages, others like Toppscholars cater to students appearing for board exams. An app that someone else found extremely helpful may not be as effective for your child because everyone has a different learning style and needs. Hence, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to choosing an e-learning app.

Nevertheless, whichever learning app you opt for, there are certain criteria you should not miss out on, especially when the child in question is school-going.

Choosing the right E-learning app– Basic rule of thumb

  • Engagement and fun

An app which is engaging and fun will undoubtedly work for any child. Therefore, choosing something that has a gaming element incorporated in it will make learning more fun for children. The more they enjoy, the better they learn.

For instance, Tinycards is a gamified educational app for learning. To make learning with flashcards more interesting, the app enables users to pick a subject: language, movies, science and lets them learn with flashcards. You can also make your own flashcard that can be used by anyone from the Tinycards community.

  • A learning experience that can’t be created on blackboards

Children are likely to learn better when any academic concept is brought to life through visuals. Smart learning apps like Toppscholars offer video lectures for K-12 students that are thoroughly explained through appealing animations which will help young students understand every concept better.



  • Track children’s academic performance

As a parent, you can be constantly worried about how well your child is performing in academics. In this regard, choosing a learning app that has the feature of tracking academic performance can ease you from the constant worry and keep you in the loop of the areas your child needs to improve on.

However, even after you have chosen the right educational app, as a parent, it is highly recommended to use it together with your child and discuss the content like you would discuss a book so as to ensure that she /he gets the most out of it.

Last modified: February 12, 2020

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