Educomp Solutions Educomp Solutions is an edtech venture, established in September 1994, by entrepreneur Shantanu Prakash. Following its inception, in 5 years, the company became renowned for its services in the education sector. Under the BOOT model, Educomp provided the service of setting up and maintaining computer labs in private and government schools. Educomp launched eCampus in 1998 and in 1999. Both of these were online edtech platforms that provided educational content. Educomp Solutions later raised a successful business involving educational toys and CD-ROMs. The company made a leap in the e-learning space in 2002 through Learning Mate Nhance, a Learning Content Management platform. Consequently, it motivated them to create their fully-owned subsidiary in the United States, called Edumatics Corporation. The founder of Educomp, Shantanu Prakash saw smart-classes as a revolutionary tool that would eventually change the education sector. Hence, in June 2003, the company launched Smart_ClassTM Content solutions.

A Radical step to reshape the Indian education industry

The Indian education system has long been criticized for its promotion of rote learning, outdated curriculum, lack of adequate...

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