Ratul Puri optimistic on CG target 2022 and immense job opportunities in Solar Power sector

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Ratul Puri mentions that the Government would require 28,600 plant design engineers from civil, mechanical and electrical branches, The Sun rises with new hopes and a new day, together come immense possibilities and expectations. The Sun is not only a hope for a bright tomorrow but also a powerful source of energy, which can be utilised in various forms. The power production giants, like Hindustan Power projects, know how to seize this opportunity with India being a perfect destination for solar energy production.

The HPPPL Chairman, Ratul Puri is focusing on solar power’s consumption across the Nation and the globe as he is hopeful about Central Government’s (CG) 2022 target, in which 1 lakh MW solar power production is the mission to be achieved by that time. Ratul Puri is very optimistic on this decision which will ripe not only numerous opportunities for power production organisations in the field but open the doors of more than 11 lakh employment opportunities for the youth of Nation.

These kinds of detailed information can be found in the official reports of institutions working in the solar power sector, which include Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW) and Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC). These jobs will be created in business, operations and maintenance sector, in which, 2% jobs belong to business development, design and pre-construction sector will offer 3% job opportunities, 72% jobs will be offered in construction and commissioning sector and operation and maintenance sector is left with 23% job openings.

Ratul Puri mentions that the Government would require 28,600 plant design engineers from civil, mechanical and electrical branches, for solar plant designing and pre-construction of the same. Ratul Puri further estimates how many young aspirants will get the opportunity to work on rooftop solar plant operations and utility-scale solar projects during construction and commissioning process of the plants, and it comes out to be 1,82,400 site engineers in total. Similarly, 81,000 electrical engineers will be appointed for performance data monitoring during the time of operation and maintenance of the solar power projects.

Ratul Puri also agrees to the point that the Central Government would need about 17,600 business development and business administration graduates and post graduates for tracking the market, bid drafting, land selection and financing the projects.

As Hindustan Powerprojects’ clean energy arm has already developed India’s first 5 MW solar power project along with Asia’s first 30 MW solar energy project, seems like Ratul Puri is keen on the renewable energy’s utilisation. With the cumulative installed capacity of 500 MW and the vision of commissioning 2 GW by 2017, the clean energy arm of the company remains the leading solar power developer in the country.

Last modified: February 19, 2016

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