The scope of renewable energy in Bangladesh

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Considering the constantly increasing demand of electricity and power in Bangladesh, the country has taken a considerable number of steps in the direction of renewable energy, especially solar sector. In an event organized by the Bangladesh Solar and Renewable Energy Association (BSREA), Salman F Rahman, Chief Guest and one of the most successful businessman in Bangladesh, said, “It’s time to think about ‘my village, my city’. This is our Prime Minister’s mission and vision. And such arrangements for working in this sector will give us important guidance.”

Salman F Rahman

Bangladesh is looking forward to Vision 2041 – the dream of a developed nation. However, with increasing urbanization and rapid economic growth, the electricity demand is going to shoot up in the upcoming years. Therefore, to avoid any hindrances in the process of national development, it is imperative that alternative energy sources are discovered, developed, and harnessed.
In this context, Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL), a Bangladesh government-owned company, has successfully installed more than four million solar home systems (SHS) – making this the flagship solar energy initiative of Bangladesh. The main objective is to use solar energy in a way that helps to increase the resource accessibility across the country. This comes after the fact that the regions which cannot be accessed by the main electricity grid are deprived of electricity.

In order to achieve the mission of 100 per cent Bangladesh electrification, the government further managed to secure funds worth $185 million from the World Bank. These funds will be used to add up to 310 MW in renewable energy generation capacity in Bangladesh. This can be attributed to the dynamic Bangladeshi businessman’s statement that Bangladesh is the number one country in the world for solar homes. It is expected that the funds will help IDCOL and the government of Bangladesh in empowering the quotient of solar energy in Bangladesh.

Furthermore, Salman F Rahman, the private sector industry and investment advisor to PM Sheikh Hasina, is speculated to focus on strengthening the combined operations between private and public sector. Provided that the advisor is successful in his efforts, an optimum use of funds from international and local institutions could accelerate the implementation of solar energy initiatives in Bangladesh.

Last modified: August 28, 2020

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