Very Happy with Brother’s Wedding, says Ankit Tiwari’s Brother

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Ankit Tiwari Brother

Arranged Marriage Rituals that exist today Proved Singer Ankit Tiwari

Arranged marriages are back in vogue! After Bollywood star Shahid Kapoor married Mira Rajput, an affair arranged by their families, singer Ankit Tiwari has followed suit, to enter matrimony, the traditional way.

The singer, famous for his melodies like ‘Galliyaan’, ‘Sunn Raha Hai Na Tu’ and ‘Tu Hai Ke Nahin’, is all set to marry Pallavi Shukla, a Bangalore-based mechanical engineer, on 23 February. Pallavi was selected by Ankit’s grandmother as his bride-to-be, and the story of how grandma found her is nothing short of filmi.

Last October, Ankit Tiwari’s grandmother was travelling to Delhi from Kanpur on a train. There, in the train compartment, she first met Pallavi Shukla, who was her co-passenger. After spending some time with Ms Shukla, Ankit’s grandmother decided that pallavi will be the perfect match for her younger grandson.

Grandma’s choice was found to be charming and beautiful by the Tiwari family. “Once dadi announced that Pallavi would be the family’s daughter-in-law, everyone agreed. I’m happy that the family is happy and a little nervous too. She is a very sweet and simple girl. During our first meeting, there were 10 others seated between us.” Later, the couple-to-be met several times before deciding to tie the knot.

As Pallavi and Ankit got engaged on 20 February in a closed ceremony, the couple was flooded with congratulatory messages from the film fraternity. The first one to congratulate the couple was Ankur Tiwari, brother of singer Ankit Tiwari. He is extremely happy as his younger sibling is entering a new phase of life, and wishes him all the best.

“Usually weddings in our family last 10-12 days, but Ankit doesn’t have the time. His shows are booked months in advance and we worked on his dates,” told Ankit Tiwari’s brother, Ankur Tiwari. Sources state that his brother’s commitment towards his work has brought Ankur to respect Ankit even more.

Ankit Tiwari’s Brother Ankur Tiwari

Ankit Tiwari and Brother Ankur Tiwari are known for sharing a very special bond. The siblings started their respective careers almost at the same time, and have supported each other through thick and thin. At an earlier instance, Ankit Tiwari reportedly said that his brother Ankur is his biggest strength.

The wedding ceremony, to be organized on 23 February, is being speculated to be a closed affair. The Bollywood singer has reportedly planned to throw a lavish reception party in Mumbai three days post the wedding, on February 26.

Ankit Tiwari would be performing at his concerts during the two days between his wedding and reception, keeping up with his work commitments.

In a time when arranged marriages are seemingly losing their sheen, couples like Shahid Kapoor – Mira Rajput and Ankit Tiwari – Pallavi Shukla are setting an example, telling the Gen-X that marrying your family’s choice isn’t that bad after all.

We wish Ankit Tiwari and his bride-to-be Pallavi Shukla a happy life together!

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