Hope to reach masses with ‘Savaale Samaali’: Ashok Selvan

Avatar Entertainment, India

Chennai, Nov 3 (IANS) After two Tamil thrillers “Pizza 2: Villa” and “Thegidia, which catered mostly to multiplex audiences, actor Ashok Selvan hopes to reach masses with upcoming comedy entertainer “Savaale Samaali”.

“I was getting typecast in serious roles. Even if you look at ‘Soodhu Kavvum’, I played a serious character and I hardly laugh in it. That’s when I decided to try my hands at comedy. I’m doing ‘Savaale Samaali’ because I really liked the script,” Ashok told IANS.
“I guess ‘Savaale Samaali’ will help me reach the masses. It has come out very well and I’m extremely confident about it. It’s the kind of film that will entertain everybody,” he said.
Directed by Satyasiva, the film features Bindu Madhavi in the lead.
Ashok has also started shooting for Tamil actioner “Varai Padam”, in which he’s attempting a “full-length action role” for the first time in his career.
With back-to-back hits, he says “it’s nice” to get identified by people.
“The best part about the success as an actor is when you go out and people identify you. When I’m in public, people smile at me and wave out to me. I was recently shooting in Switzerland for ‘Savaale Samaali’, and people there came and spoke to me. They were so happy to see me. I think I get a high when I make people happy,” he said.
Ashok will soon be doing another film to be produced by C.V. Kumar. It will be his fourth film with the producer.
He says he doesn’t mind when people typecast him as a product of the filmmaker.
“People always keep asking me why I only work in C.V. Kumar’s films. But they should understand that when I approached others for work, nobody gave me a break. He gave me an opportunity to act, and then made me a hero,” he said.
“All my three films so far have been under his banner, but I’ve branched out with my next film. I plan to do more films for other producers as well,” he added.

Last modified: November 3, 2014