How plastic crisis is fueling environmental degradation?

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Environment degradation poses a severe threat to all living beings on Earth. People do not realize, but plastic is one of the root causes of this condition.Plastic does not decompose easily. It can take up to 1,000 years for a plastic bag to breakdown completely, and its presence decreases the fertility of soil. Drainages are getting clogged because plastic disrupts the garbage flow, which leads to pollution. The absence of drainage functioning makes people throw them out in the open.Public disposal of plastic poses a direct threat to wildlife as well. The reason for an increase in cow mortality rate is the indigestion of plastic. Aquatic life will be destroyed around the year 2050 because of plastic. A substantial number of fish have been found dead due to plastic consumption.

The major reason behind such adverse circumstances is the lack of awareness. Majority of people across the world are unaware of the eco-friendly alternatives. In the wake of this situation, several companies are manufacturing bags that are environment-friendly as a replacement for plastic bags.

According to industry experts, people who think that plastic ones are cheaper than non-woven bags, are living under a false assumption. At the moment, plastic may seem cheap but in the long run, non-woven bags are better because they last for approximately four years.

The primary difference between non-woven bags and plastic bags is that non-woven bags can be burnt if they are to be destroyed, and the leftovers dissolve in the soil. Companies can also set an example for their customers by using non-woven bags. They can play a pivotal role in educating their customers by handing out the purchase in these bags. Not only their brand will receive unique traction, it would also make the customer reconsider their stand against plastic.

Places like Montreal have realized the sensitivity and impact of this issue. They have banned the use of plastic bags because of the damage caused to their environment. Bali had to launch a ‘Garbage Emergency’ because of the increased mortality of aquatic life and the risk of floods.

The use of plastic is a global catastrophe that is going to consume the sanctity of the environment and make it inhabitable for animals and slowly, humans too. Raul Romeva i Reuda, Member of European Greens Group, has rightly said: “Single-use plastic bags are a ticking time-bomb for the environment”.

Last modified: November 26, 2020

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